It all started the first Wednesday in June, 1982...wait I guess that story could get boring really fast.

So lets just go with this....I'm Vanessa the owner of this little space. A later 20 something southern girl just trying to keep a place on the internet to document some of the things I love. I married my one true love in 2005, a month after I graduated from Auburn University with an Interior Design degree. Along with our little furbaby, Claire Belle, we still live in the magical town of our alma mater, the "Loveliest Village On The Plains".

I have a passion for older homes, which is perfect because my husband can do anything. We I'm always up for a good DIY project, and Eric's the man to carry it through.

Our first house was the sweetest little 1930's cottage. We had a great time renovating that house. In 2009 we decided it was time for a change and bought our second house, a 1950 fixer upper in our dream location. I wanted a place to document the renovations we were doing on our new home so I started this blog. Two years later the renovations have pretty much stopped and this blog has become a random place of sorts. A space where I like to document things I love and think cool and think you should love them and think they are equally cool too.

my partner in crime Claire Belle!
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