Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Toddler Bed

Well it has been a while.  I don't really have much to talk about or at least that is interesting to other people but several people have been poking me in the back for an update.

I originally started this blog to document house renovations.  We don't really have any more to renovate but in January - yeah like 1/2 a year ago we did have to make an update to Dutch's room. He climbed out of his crib one night and appeared in our room.  It was really scary but so hilarious because he stood outside our door but we could see his dog and blanket in his hand.  Then he came through the door jabbering trying to explain himself.  Needless to say Eric refused to put him back in his crib.  So we said "byezzz" to the crib and got a new toddler bed.

"No don't make me sleep in here again"

I never thought we would have a toddler bed, just go straight to a big bed but Dutch was too little for that big bed.  I really wanted the Land of Nod Jenny Lind bed but $400 for a toddler bed, um yeah no!  So after a few clicks I found a knock off at Walmart for $99.  Much better. (Looks like it is out of stock right now.  Sorry!)

I was really wanting a white toddler bed like his crib but they didn't offer white.  The grey is a really pretty color but doesn't contrast with the walls as much as I would prefer but overall this is a great bed.  Plus it is really cute and I can still store diapers, etc underneath.  Phew!

Look at that sweet baby.  He has changed so much since these photos 6 months ago.

And this is how we got him use to sleeping in a bed that he can easily get out of.  Ha.

Hope y'all are well!


Deborah said...

Love the update! I didn't know Walmart had a knock off Jenny Lind bed!

Debra Paul - Van Dyke said...

I sure do miss seeing your sweet little guy!

Personally speaking I would love to see your family more often.

Love the bed.

My son is having a baby boy in the next few months I hope he is just as sweet as your Dutch <3

vanessa said...

Thank you Deborah! They have a lot of neat things online, especially the Better Homes and Gardens line.

vanessa said...

Thank you Debra. I know that my family loves to see family updates, but I don't know about everyone else ;)
Congrats on your new grandson. I am sure he will be a sweetie!

Tiffany Livick said...

Hi, do you mind sharing where you got the sign that's above his crib in the first photo? I love it!

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