Monday, December 22, 2014

NYC Saturday & Sunday

Ok lets wrap this trip to NYC up.
Saturday morning we work up early to head to Macy's to see Santa.  You can book an appointment 48 hours in advance and I had been planning on doing that until I forgot to do it.  So we waited in line about an hour before Dutch could no longer handle it.  Eric and I weren't doing so well ourselves.  Seeing the behind the scenes of Macy's at Christmas is sort of like seeing behind the scenes at Disney.  Takes all of the magic out.  Plus it was painted a glossy orange red and I hate red.  I am certain that the line was over a mile long winding in and out of halls and rooms.  I was afraid there would be a fire and we would all die in Macy's.

We took one more stroll by the windows before setting off to the WTC Memorial.  These  were my favorite windows and so much fun.  Since it was early there wasn't a big crowd and you could easily walk up and look at the windows.

I wanted to cry looking at that little puppy.  He looked so real and his little tail wagged.

After Macy's we hopped on the subway and rode down to the World Trade Center Memorial.  It was beautiful.

Then we walked down to see the Statue of Liberty.  This was as close as we got because Dutch was needing a break.  I never thought I would nurse a baby overlooking the Statue of Liberty!

We found some random snow!

Then another lunch at Shake Shack.  We decided to walk and Dutch fell asleep so we were stuck walking. We walked up to Washington Square Park where we figured out that the helicopter that had been hovering was because of the huge protest.  We tried to go around the protesters but there were so many of them.  Honestly it was a little scary having Dutch there and not knowing what was going to happen.  We were able to get on another street and finally made it to The Dutch.  And look who was still asleep.  It was fine because this isn't exactly the place for a 17 month old to eat but I would have loved his photo standing beside the sign.  Next time!

After walking over 10 miles we hopped on the subway again and rode back up to our hotel.  Then we went to Le Parker Meridian to check out the gingerbread houses.  Dutch found his favorite!

Then we walked down to see the big Christmas tree in the courtyard at The New York Palace.  It was pretty and huge!

After grabbing some supper and a quick nap back at the hotel we decided to try Macy's one more time.  We got there about 8 and waited an hour, all for this reaction.

Sorry bout that Santa, here is my apology letter.

Yes Dutch is wearing pants.  Those are his leggings showing, Eric never pulls his pants legs down.   Drives me crazy.

One last stop before bed!  We believe this was a wonderful trip!!

Sunday we literally ran back up to the tree for another photo and then back to catch our ride to the airport.

So that was our trip.  We checked every single thing off our list and still had time to take naps!  That is what getting started early will do for ya.  The crowds weren't as big as I expected.  But you could definitely tell a difference on Saturday.  If we go again we will go Wednesday-Saturday to avoid the crowds.
Thanks for reading, have a great week!

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