Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year for Halloween Dutch was.....
an Auburn football player for daycare Halloween.

And Claire for trick or treating!

 He is obsessed with dogs right now so his costume was perfect.  

I love Halloween costumes that have something handmade on them. This was super simple, I just basted some fur onto the stomach of a white romper, added a little tail and I was done with that.  His collar is super cute, just a piece of felt with a cardboard name tag.  I ordered his puppy cap off of etsy and added the fur to the ears.

Woof Woof!

We headed up to spend Halloween with Dutch's cousins.  It was probably the only time we will get to be with all of Dutch's cousins on Halloween.  The festivities were around the time that he wants to be in bed so we were afraid he would act like a dog with rabies, but all was well.

Just for fun last year
Donald Duck Dutch

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