Friday, October 3, 2014


Even though September has come and gone I wanted to post a few of my favorite photos so I won't forget these fun days we are enjoying!  Plus some grandparents requested a Dutch post. 

Earlier in the summer Dutch had to pick and eat blackberries everyday.  All of the blackberries have been eaten so now he is on a daily mission to pick tomatoes - his favorite food.  He usually eats a few each afternoon and Claire cleans up the rest.

Another must do for Dutch is a car ride.  He has just recently discovered how much fun it is to play in the real car but nothing can replace his love for being pushed around the neighborhood waiving at all of the cars and petting all of the dogs.
We are loving the new restaurants that opened up over the summer just down the street from us. Walks to get an ice cream cone, why not?!

I know, all little boys look so precious when they try to do everything that Daddy does but seriously this is so adorable.

Dutch's cousin celebrated her birthday at a trampoline place and Dutch was a fan.

Dutch's first photobomb.

Chubby legs, sweet little curls, gingham bubbles and black eyed suzies, can't get any better. 

Onto October

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