Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall-ing Behind

Catching up on fall around here...
A few years ago I saw a Frankenstein front door for Halloween and this year I had to do my own with my new green front door! Yessssssss!

Before I franked the door I had a pumpkin that my BIL Joe made.

I moved it to the fence but had to stain it orange because it was too camo'd by the fence.

If you want a pumpkin of your own you can email me or contact Joe 334-707-0227, he will hook you up will pumpkins of all sizes.  Smaller than mine, same size as mine, bigger than mine and really big that can stand alone in the yard.  Your own pumpkin patch.

I love Halloween and the cute and cheesy decorations that go along with it.  Dutch has enjoyed all of the pumpkins and a few Halloween other things we have around the house.  Next year though I am blowing it up with Halloween decorations and maybe a backyard carnival.

We just barely made it to the pumpkin patch before Halloween.

Dutch wouldn't get out of Eric's arms so we didn't even get a picture of him with a pumpkin.  But a mullet and baby in overalls without a shirt count for something right?

We found some pumpkins after all.

Aww same place last year.  We can just pretend that nothing had changed.

We have been partaking in a lot of the holiday's finest, Halloween Oreo's.  Dutch has learned all about dunking an Oreo.  Next we will learn how to not make a huge mess with one.

Can you say great parents?  You know the kind that give out Oreos after nap time!

Fall has been fun but it has been fast this year.  It has also been pretty warm.  Perfect to squeeze in some corduroy shorts!

Dutch is concerned about the cold weather ahead.

Have a great Halloween!

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Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

LOVE the overall, mullet, no shirt look! And your Frankenstein door is too cute! I wasn't even going to decorate this year since we don't see any trick or treaters but changed my mind at the last minute. Enjoy this and the upcoming holidays,

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