Thursday, September 4, 2014

My New Lunch

Something strange happened to me over the past few weeks.... I've started to eat sandwiches.  This is big for me as I do not really prefer untoasted bread, sliced cheese, deli meat, mustard, mayo or making sandwiches annnnd that is what makes up a sandwich.  If sandwiches were ever on the menu I would either skip or eat a bowl of cereal.

But a few weeks ago I picked up some really thin cajun sliced turkey from the deli counter, got some really thin sliced cheese (Sargento) and thinner bread (Nature's Own Sandwich Rounds) and it all worked together.  Add 1/2 an avocado and a fresh picked tomato that is still hot from the sun and you have perfection!  I did sub buffalo chicken for the turkey this week to change things up but I prefer the turkey.

Does everyone agree that sandwiches are something that taste better when someone else is making them for you?  Same goes with salad.
Now that a whole new food group is open in my world any suggestions I should try?!


Deborah said...

Yum! I would recommend tuna sandwiches on toasted bread with spinach and tomatoes. So good!

Neen Neen said...

The Nature's Own sandwich rounds are awesome!

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