Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DIY Nap Mat

A few weeks ago Dutch moved up classrooms at daycare.  It sort of caught me off guard because he had just moved up to the little toddler room a few weeks prior.  He stayed in the infant room until he was almost 1 because he was such a good helper and sweet to the little babies they didn't want to let him go.  And now the big kid room with a cirruclum?!  Anyway in this new room he takes a nap on a cot.  A COT!  I mean we haven't even mastered the art of keeping him in his crib all night long #lazystillnursingmomofaspoiled14monthofbabythatusesmeasapassyproblems, how will they keep him asleep essentially on the floor?  I don't know how but they do and it is so cute.  Since he is sleeping on a cot he would now need a nap mat.  I looked at this as an opportunity to make something special for my son buy new fabric so I decided to make his nap mat. After way too much consideration and thought I decided to go with the wagon and bike fabric since he like wheels.  I still got to use gingham and chambray that I was originally planning on using.  

There are tutorials out there but I decided just to wing it.  Essentially I folded quilt batting over 3 times and sewed it to the wrong side of the gingham so it would be like 1 fabric.  Then I made a pillow from more batting layers and sewed it onto the gingham/batting.  Then I made the attached blanket by sewing the wheel fabric with minky and I did a quilt binding out of red gingham to finish off the edge.  I was so proud of myself for sewing the handle and; velcro fabric onto the chambray backing before putting the layers all together so the seams wouldn't show on the other side.  So proud. Sandwiched the gingham, blanket and chambray backing all together and sewed leaving an opening so I could turn it right side out after sewing.  Did that and realized that I sewed my handle and velcro on the wrong side of the chambray (!@X?).  It wouldn't be a sewing project without the seam ripper being used at least once.  By then I was ready to be finished so I just sewed them on not caring that the seams show on the gingham side.  To finish off the nap mat and keep the batting from shifting I sewed a seam under the pillow and 3 more across the mat. 
Boom done.   

Of course these 2 are on it as soon as I try to take a photo.

Not sure why the right side of the pillow looks curved, it isn't.  That was one good thing about using the gingham, I could easily keep my lines straight.

Here's to many good naps and maybe just maybe one day a good nights sleep ;)

Here's to good naps and maybe one day a good nights sleep ;)

Wheel fabric
Green Gingham fabric
Red gingham fabric is a Pottery Barn crib sheet from the thrift store
Chambray fabric is a Ralph Lauren sheet from the thrift store
Minky is just good ole white minky dot

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Kat Hertzler said...

Wish I had your sewing skills! This is completely adorable. Bryce started preschool today and he just brought in his Thomas blanket to "sleep" on. This would be way cooler!

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