Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Birthday Party Details

I almost didn't remember the password to this blog.  I've missed this space but I've just not really had time to blog or read blogs.  I've got about a month's worth of reading blogs to catch up on.  Maybe one day I will get there.  But in the mean time I'm going to try and get my own blog caught up.  And yes that means another party post.  I've had a few questions about where things came from so I'm just going to put all of that here.  After this one I'm done with the party....

Even though we didn't have a big party for Dutch I was still able to get my craft on for his birthday celebration.
His invitations were super simple.  I printed them on cardstock, painted with water colors, traced a popsicle shape, glued them together with a popsicle stick in between them paper and mailed them out!

I made some really ugly sugar cookies for everyone to keep in their hotel room to snack on.  They weren't too pretty but they tasted so good.  I used this recipe for the cookies and this recipe for the icing here.

Seriously these look so terrible! The orange looks like American cheese. So funny but they tasted so good!

I made this adorable banner, but it stayed at our house.  I started with the day Dutch was born and a photo from every month up and ended with his birthday.  Lots of smiles from this kid.  This will probably always be up because it makes us happy.

I needed something for the front door so I painted this birthday cake... on cardboard.  Why did I do that?  I'm thinking if I seal it maybe we can reuse it?

Things I didn't make because I know my limits:
Dutch's popsicle holding octopus party shirt

I ordered from etsy shop Jake N Me.  It was super cute!

Dutch's swimsuit

ordered from etsy shop Southern Hands LLC.  I ordered the seersucker one the first time but gave them the wrong monogram.  They were really nice to rush me out one with the right monogram.  I want everything in this shop. 

Dutch's party hat

I felt really bad for not making this myself but it was just easier to order and the party hat turned out amazing.   Ordered from etsy shop Hilly House.

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