Monday, July 21, 2014

Towels for Dayssss

Summer 2014 - the summer of the letter towel.  
Really it has been the perfect gift.  It all started when I was trying to come up with a good party favor for Dutch's party.  What better favor for a pool party than a towel?!

Because someone will wonder - the B$ is my nephew's nickname on his baseball team.  I wasn't sure how excited an 11 year old would be about a towel so I had to make it somewhat appealing.  

 So it began and about 12 towels later everyone that has had a summer birthday has gotten a letter towel.  

They are so simple to make.  Alls ya do is type the letter on word, trace it out, iron, sew.
I use to download interesting fonts.  The best fonts to use are ones that have thick letters.  I also like ones that don't have a lot of curve because that sucks trying to sew but the ones I always use have a lot of curve so don't listen to me.  The font that I'm using for instruction is KB Reindeer Games enlarged to 700 pt and bolded.
Some of my other favorite fonts for hand applique are tequila sunrise, grutch shaded, sketch serif, bonebastic (glutton for punishment), watermelon is really pretty for girls.

Ok so type out your letter and get to the size you want.  You can print it off or if you want to save ink either trace from the computer screen onto wax paper or your heat n' bond paper.  BUT make sure you cut it out BACKWARDS since it will be iron onto the wrong side of the fabric.  Iron your heat n' bond to the wrong side of your fabric.  Cut out your letter and iron onto the towel.

All ironed on and ready to sew.

I use a zig zag stitch and set it on a length and width of 3.  I'm not sure what that will be on your machine but I'm sure you can figure out something.
And zig zag all around those letters.  I always go over my start and stop zig zag stitches with a straight stitch.  Keeps it from unraveling.

In the end you will have this!

Cute baby can't be guaranteed with finished product.

camden font - sketch block  maggie font - sketch serif

My favorite towels to use are like the "Maggie" towel.  They are from TJ Maxx.  All of the other ones are RE from Target.  They don't have any type of "band" about 3" from the bottom like most towels have.  The RE brand only have the bottom band and come in lots of cute colors.  They aren't huge or really thick but for a kid they are just right.  Tie a ribbon around the towels and you've got yourself the perfect gift!

So there ya go.  I'm going to make a few for Dutch's bathroom with his monogram on them.  Oh and talking about towels I got in my clearance Horchow towels and they are divine and so beautiful.  So happy I ordered them.

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Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

What a great idea! And a very useful and cute gift. Very clever!

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