Wednesday, July 30, 2014


A few years before Dutch was born I bought an adorable pair of chambray overalls at the thrift store.  They were so precious and I just needed a little baby to fill those overalls.  I washed them then ironed them and set them in the guest room closet.  I would get those overalls out from time to time and just stare at them and pray that I would have a little baby to fill them one day.  Those $1 overalls meant so much to me.  When I found out I was pregnant I immediately thought of those overalls.  

Years later they are filled in the most perfect way.

Exactly one year before I had embroidered some shirts for Dutch to wear in the hospital so I wanted to do the same for his overalls.  

I used the font Little Days for the overalls embroidery and used this handy tip for transferring onto darker fabrics.  I usually just use a pencil trace method.

On Dutch's birthday we had some photo made in those special overalls. Amy Leigh Thomas did a great job of documenting his first year.  

As you can see he was much too interested in his dorse to take a photo!


Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

I am so happy you got that sweet baby to fill those adorable overalls. He's so precious and those photos are awesome!

Red Gate Farm said...

Love the overalls, the dorse and of course, the sweet little boy!

What a sweet photo op :)

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