Monday, June 23, 2014

Major Bargain Alert

We have a busy week ahead.  June is crazy for us 4 family birthdays, Father's Day and our anniversary!  But this week Eric and I are celebrating 9 years of wedding bliss!!

With my birthday at the beginning of June and Mother's Day & Father's Day thrown in there too, there just aren't many things that we want.  But BUT when I saw that Horchow was having an amazing sale on Ralph Lauren Grenwich towels well I became that woman that asks towels for her anniversary.  Our other towels are also celebrating their 9 year anniversary so I think it is time for an upgrade.

People I got monogrammed towels for only $9.29 per towel shipped!  It costs $9 alone to get one towel monogrammed in our town and you can't buy a decent towel at Target for under $10.  I agonized too long over what color to get but alas I went with with with dark grey monogram.

So if you are in the market for some new towels jump on this deal.  I'm thinking about ordering some for Dutch, one is never to young to start their monogram towel collection.  Oh and did you know that his birthday is a week from today.  I may have cried to the cashier at Hobby Lobby today when I was buying party napkins.  But most of those are excited tears.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memories On Paper

This past weekend we celebrated my Nana's 90th birthday!!

Turning 90 is a big deal and we were blessed that we were able to celebrate with her.  It was so fun getting together with my WHOLE family.  Everyone came from Alabama, California, South Carolina, Illinois, and Colorado!  We even had a photographer come in and take pictures and I know those will be treasures for sure.

While we were there one thing that we did was go through boxes of old photos..

I love to look at old photos, everyone always looked so glamorous back then.  My Nana did a great job of labeling most of the photos with the person and date.

My dad kept saying make sure you actually print out you are taking today because a lot of the people from Dutch's generation will not have old boxes of photos for their families to look through.  Another person commented that one of the benefits of not growing up with so much technology is a box of photos to look through.  This is so true and I am happy that I do print out my photos.  I probably spend more time than I should ordering, labeling and putting photos in albums but this past Saturday all my work was validated when I saw what a blessing those photos will hopefully be in the future.

I usually order when Walgreens has their 50% off sale or when does the 101 free photo prints.  Then I label with the date and if the photo needs a description or something about that moment I want to remember I write that on the back.  Like I said it takes time, but time well spent.  With my last shutterfly order I noticed that they now print the date the photo was taken not just printed on the back of each photo!  I was so happy and that saved me a lot of time.  I am also very OCD about my photos being in chronological order.  If you need album recs I get mine from and they usually have 2 really good sales each year and you can always find a free shipping code.  I ordered 4 albums for Dutch that were on major sale for $5.  I thought they would last a couple of years but I have already filled up 3 so I will probably order more soon.
Dutch's first time in a restaurant high chair, going in the book!

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