Tuesday, May 6, 2014

T25 Anyone?

Anyone out there have any experience with T25?  I've been wanting to get back in shape for several months now, but there is that little thing called extra time.

In the months before I got pregnant I was in the best shape I had ever been.  I was running several times a week as well as doing body pump and eating from a low amylose diet.  When I was about 6 weeks pregnant I finally had the body that I wanted and was really happy with the lack of flab.  Then my Dr. told me to stop exercising.

2 days before Dutch was born

That was about 18 months ago and aside from walks to Burger King on the weekends for breakfast, I haven't really done much in the form of exercising.  I would LOVE to be able to run again but I am too lazy for that right now and I would really really LOVE to do body pump but I don't have the time to commit to that right now.  Dutch usually likes to be asleep by 7 so if I went to the gym after work, I would only get a few minutes of play time before he went to sleep.  I'm giving T25 a chance since it is only 25 minutes, but it is the longest 25 minutes ever!  The cardio kills my legs, they are on fire which is where I need a lot of work so that is good I guess.  

The price was too expensive for a new copy, so I was able to buy it from a friend.  I started a few weeks ago but then I had to get serious about sewing Dutch's Easter outfit then I got lazy and now this week I'm back with no excuses.  

I don't really want to lose more weight, I weigh about 8 lbs less than I did when I got pregnant.  Milk tanks empty of course. But I look like I did before I ever got in shape so I want to tone up and be strong again.  Since I'm nursing (I still pump 2x a day and nurse morning and night, all night yeah I'm the worst enabler ever) I still eat anything I want, but when I stop nursing I will gain a ton of weight if I continue on so I am going to go back to the low amylose style of eating.  

If you have done T25 did it you get results?!  I need to know, I'm looking for excuses to quit.

The other thing, I'm not sure if I'm really comfortable wearing a bikini anymore.  Anyone seen any cute mom swimsuits without being mom swimsuits.


Shelley said...

I wear tankinis now. Still cute but no belly showing! It's crazy how much our bodies change after having a baby, huh!? Dutch is precious and I know you are loving being his mommy! Good luck getting back in shape. I lost all my weight plus some, but never got back into shape. It's harder...you can do it though!

emily said...

8 pounds lower than your pre-pregnancy? AWESOME! Toning will come. Can you incorporate Dutch in your workouts (sit ups/squats etc)?

I'm FAAAAR from a work out person, so I probably shouldn't even post! ;)

Kat Hertzler said...

Ugh...don't get me started on the workout thing. (I'm secretly just wanting to have another baby so I don't have to get in shape...ha!) I've never heard of T25...guess I gotta google it. It all boils down to time. I'm strugglin' with that recently. My house is a mess, laundry needs put away, dinner has to get made...there's always something. But I am playing with the boys more, so in the long run that's what's important. If only I could get rid of this belly fat while doing it... ;)

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