Monday, May 19, 2014

New Shower Curtain

I'm making a few updates around the house.  Most of them are involving fabric so they are pretty easy and cheap.  One of the things I'm wanting to do is get a new shower curtain.  The one we have now is 5 years old and was a sheet I just painted a zig zag on across the bottom.

I'm tired of it and since this is Dutch's bathroom now I want it to be more of a space that fits his personality.  I don't want a standard shower curtain because it is about 6" shorter than I want and need.  I'm sorry but I'm a shower curtain height snob.  I like them TALL.  So that leaves me to either buy 2 shower curtains and piece the bottom or make a new one.

I really think this dog fabric is cute.  It is Woof from Premier Prints.  Dutch's 3rd word was DAH (dog) so I think this fits him pretty well.

But then I'm having a hard time doing a kid themed shower curtain and the truth is I want to do dogs for his next room.  That could be years away so should I just go ahead and do the dog since really deep in my heart I love it and know he will too?  Deep thoughts about a shower curtain!

The other contender is the Carnival print also from Premier Prints.  It looks really good in the room.

I think I am really leaning towards the dogs but what do you think?  I mean one day I will be buying a boring shower curtain and wishing Dutch as young enough to want the dog fabric.  Either way these options are actually cheaper than a store bought shower curtain.


Jessica said...

Is this a guest bathroom, also? My daughter's bathroom is the one that is centrally located in the house, so anybody who comes over uses it. I thought of making it fun for a little girl with baby things, but then I realized I want visitors and guests to feel comfortable in there too. So I am going to make it pretty and somewhat fun, but also mature enough for adults. It just depends what you want.

Sarah said...

Go with the dogs. I think it's what you really want and you won't stop thinking about it otherwise. Also, if guests wander in, it won't seem childish, but rather whimsical.

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