Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How To Get Oil Paint Off Of A Baby & Exterior Updates

After 5 years of living in our house there are a few touch ups we need to do.   Like I said there are a few spruce ups we want to make inside the house and outside as well.  We have been trying to get those done this month so we can enjoy June in all of its glory.  My Nana's 90th b'day, my b'day, my Mother's b'day, Father's Day, our 9th Anniversary and Dutch's 1st birthday are all in the month of June!  Lots to celebrate

The past few weekends we have been focusing on the outside of the house.  Washing the exterior, pulling weeds, moving plants and planting a few new ones.  One of my favorite things about summer is the Lowe's clearance plants.  It was a treasure trove the past weekend but I managed to only get 5 half dead perennials for only $5!  This is where 95% of our perennials have come from.  Teaching Dutch early.

On our actual house we are painting shutters, the front door and getting some rotten wood repaired.  Our shutters have been looking bad for a couple of years now so those are going to be painted.  I wish they could be replaced with wood shutters but that ain't happening.
Oh and see our Confederate Jasmin growing up the columns, it is so crazy.  I've worked with it for 4 years but now that it is grown in, I  think it is too much green and not enough variation there so it is coming down.  The tea olives in front of the windows are also going to get a hair cut.

Right now the shutter are black but I want to go with something a little warmer.    I got swatches of Sherwin Williams Iron Ore, Rock Bottom, and Sealskin.
Sealskin is the winner.

The front door needs to be repainted so I'm trying to decide between Seal Skin or Chive or Willow Leaf by Valspar.

Chive EB9-2

Willow Leaf EB9-1

These don't really look anything like them but they are the Internet colors.  Our back doors are painted a green similar to the top color but I'm thinking something a little different that that.

Update: I decided on Willow Leaf.  Last week I had the paint mixed and had it sitting in the dining room. Dutch was playing and knocked the can over.  We thought it had just knocked over but a few minutes later when I walked in he was playing in the OIL paint!!  His expression was so funny but what wasn't was that he crawled into the living room on the rug.  We panicked and Eric threw him in the tub still in his PJ's with a bottle of Dawn to clean up.  He thought it was a game and was smearing paint all over the tub.

That whole spot was covered in paint.

Thankfully the baby came clean and we were even able to save his PJ's!  Dutch doesn't put things in his mouth so that would have been terrible if he had stuck his hand in his mouth.  I was able to get the paint off of the hardwoods but it is in some of the cracks between the boards but now I will always laugh when I see those cracks.  I was able to get the paint out of the rug with a ton of Shaklee Basic H2 not diluted.  I would squirt it on and scrub.  I will forever be trying to get all of the soap residue out but that is better than green paint!  We laughed the whole time because we couldn't believe what was happening and there wasn't much else to do but laugh!

After all of that I went and got another can of Willow Leaf color matched by Sherwin Williams and they mixed a high gloss this time.  Ugh.  It looked terrible on our 64 year old very flawed door so I didn't even go with Willow Leaf!!  I've spent $60 on paint for that old heffer and she is still talking back to me.

Oh and we are trying to decide on door knockers.  I want a  new one as ours was spray painted and looks terrible.  Only problem is trying to find one that will fit the old holes.  That may not be possible but here are my picks.  So many cute ones.

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Chelsea @ Married Filing Jointly said...

Funny, I just wrote a very similar post yesterday as we just repainted our exterior. I love all three of the door knockers!

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