Saturday, May 17, 2014

Great Photo Canvas Deal

Popping in to tell y'all about this amazing deal.  Right now on Canvas People canvases are 80% off!  Seriously a 20x30 canvas for $22.40!  I've ordered 4 canvases from them in the past few months. 

The top on is an 11x14 and bottom is 16x16.  I think the quality is great-not grainy like they look in these photos. These photos were taken with my iPhone on a cloudy day. 

Isn't that lamb photo the sweetest!  It was a real lamb and pretty much acted like that the whole time.   
Sign up for Canvas People emails and you can be notified of sales.  Oh and a little tip.  If you are planning on mailing your canvas as a gift just go ahead and have it shipped to them from Canvas People.  It cost $22 for me to mail a 16x16 instead of have it shipped direct from CP.  Why I didn't just have it shipped to the grandparents to begin who knows. 
*This isn't a sponsored post, just passing along a great deal!

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