Monday, April 28, 2014

Dutch's Easter Outfit

Finally I sewed!!

Since Dutch has been born I have had no time to sew for him.  I thought I would make a lot of little outfits for him but haven't had the extra time.  I'm hoping that I will be able to make a few things for him this summer but honestly he has so many clothes already so I may have to wait until next year for that.  Anyway one thing I was adamant on making was his Easter outfit.  I found a photo a couple of years ago of an outfit that I knew was perfect.  I bought the pattern and fabric but then chickened out.  I didn't have the time or brain power to commit.  I switched gears and went with something that looked a lot simpler.  The baby bubble from Chery Williams.

I wanted Dutch to have a lace collar this year.  Yes he is a boy but I live in the deep south and people put lace on a boy as long as they can.  With that said I will probably only get away with it this year or maybe I can sneak it in next year.  Just don't tell Eric. 
For Dutch's outfit I used the yellow girl bubble but with boy sleeves.  The original plan was to finish off the neck and collar separately so that way if I have another baby I can use the collar again.  Well it worked out to be easier to just attach the collar so that is what I did.  

I am glad to report that the outfit made it though the day without falling apart!  It still isn't technically finished, I want to go back around the edges with my serger but was having thread difficulties that have to be figured out.  The sewing back had bitten so I am going to try to get the serger working right again soon so I can make something else.
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter celebrating Jesus and the new life he gives.  We did!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dutch at 8 months

This is mostly a post for family, they've requested some Dutch posts.  I feel like that is mostly what I post about but here are some pics anyway.
These were taken when he was 8 months old.  That was a big month for Dutch.  He can't crawl but gets around.  Not really scooting, I'm not sure what to call it.  Maybe magically appearing somewhere?  He would much rather just stand than play with toys.  He weighs 21.6lbs and 28 1/4".  He did have 2 ear infections during his 8th month. ugh.  He can say and knows who MaMa and Dada are.  When he sees Claire he says Dah but he also said it for my sister's dog so he officially knows what a dog is, and says NuhNuhNuh when he wants to nurse.  He made that up on his own!  Loves patty cake and attention from anyone.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easter Basket

One of my friends use to have a little business of painting Easter baskets.  I was so excited when I knew that I would be able to get one of her baskets for Dutch's first Easter.  Well she was having trouble getting the blank baskets this year and I was getting impatient so I decided to try to paint my own for Dutch.

Like my friend I had trouble finding the right basket.  After searching for a few weeks of searching I found one online.  I was able to order a sample so I only had to buy one, not a bulk order.  I think it was around $12 with shipping.  I was about to use a bushel basket but thought they may be too deep so this 6"x13" was perfect.

Anyway I sketched out several different ideas for painting the basket.  I wanted his name on one side but didn't just want it written on there like the ones I had seen online.  I thought about painting bunting with his name but the letters would have to be too small.  So I thought of the egg idea and I love it.

Honestly I struggle with the secular part of religious holidays.   I want Jesus to be the focus for Christmas and Easter not Santa and a bunny.  But Jesus is the main focus of our lives everyday and Santa and the Easter Bunny only come around a couple of times a year.  I don't know we are still working on what is best for our family.  Anyway with all of that said for the back I did a cross design.  I did see it on another basket from a company that is no longer in business so I can't link it here.  I'm not totally happy with it so I may tweek the crosses a bit.

As far as the inside just a few practical things for right now.  The Story of EasterBath MirrorFlashcardsPuffs.  I'll probably throw in some diapers and wipes (ha!) and a sippy cup.  We are still trying to find one he really likes so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

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