Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Roses are red
Bones you loved to chew
If there was a photo in the dictionary of World's Best Dog
It would be of you!

Zeb biting me with his sharp puppy teeth.  May 1998!

Monday we said goodbye to the best dog ever.  My parents' dog Zeb was only a month shy of 16 years of owning the World's Best Dog title.
Zeb was such a great dog and everyone loved him.  We got him from some neighbors when he was the cutest puppy.  While we were gone during the day he would walk to their house and scratch on the door, walk in, say hello to his dog parents then walk to the back door and take a swim in their pool.  ha.  He also knew who in the neighborhood would give him scraps and would make his rounds each morning day.  He loved when my mom made biscuits and would sit by the oven waiting for them to be done.   I had a Boston Terrier named Zoe Jane and she and Zeb were so in love.  No for real they were.  They had several litters of puppies and they were so adorable.  Zeb was the best daddy- letting Zoe Jane take a rest while he played with their puppies!  A neighbor down the street got one of their puppies and they would walk together to  and visit him every day at his new home.  Zeb would also sit where the bus dropped off the neighborhood kids after school to play with them.  He thought if he wasn't looking at you then you couldn't see him.  So funny.  He wouldn't let dogs get near babies and if he thought you were wrestling too rough with my nephews he would let you know it.  He had the same black leather collar for over 12 years.  He has also survived being hit by a car, attacked by coyotes, and due to doggie dementia got lost at the lake for a week in the August heat.  Zeb you really were the best dog ever.  

So weird that this photo was taken January 2000.

And this was taken January 2014!  Oh and off subject but that vest I have on in the above photo I wore the day before the below photo was taken.  14 years later...


Trisha Lowe said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

What a sweet many great memories to cherish. xo

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