Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Guest Bed

In April we will have lived in our house for 5 years!  I can't believe that, time has flown by!  We didn't think we would live here for more than 3 years and now I don't really see us going anywhere.  Sure we would love a little more space than our 1,200 square feet our has but honestly I don't want more room for more stuff.  I would love a bigger living room and kitchen.  Our kitchen cabinets are janky and I really want new ones, but if I do that then we might as well make the kitchen bigger and if we do that then we might as well keep going and add the addition.  See how my mind works, all or nothing.  Plus the point of staying in our house is to save money so I think an addition would defeat the purpose.  While an addition is out of the question right now a little guest room improving could probably work out.

I don't think the guest room is a particularly bad room but I want to make it a little nicer.  Plus I've had the same bedding in there for 5 years and if you know me that is amazing all in itself.

 I would love to upgrade to a queen in here but there just isn't room for the extra length of a queen mattress.  The chest has to stay because it holds my fabric.  The cabinet has to stay because it use to hold my fabric but it now conceals the gun safe that was once in what is now Dutch's room.  The dresser doesn't bother me but the cabinet, I would love to do something to.  Any ideas?

I am really leaning towards an upholstered headboard.  I really don't want to DIY one because I don't really have time for that anymore and I don't feel like making sure the nail heads are perfectly straight.  I also don't think that I want it to be rectangle shape because I will have a hard time paying for that when it would be so easy to DIY.  I also want the back to be high enough that it still shows with euro pillows propped against it. One more thing, I would LOVE for the legs to be upholstered since you are looking at the side when you walk in the room, there is no other way to arrange the room.  The headboards in my price range don't seem to have that option.  I've been looking all around and here are some of the beds I've found.

Safavieh Kerstin Arched Headboard at only $215 it seems like a good deal for an interesting shape

Grayson Headboard. Only $149 and has pretty good reviews. From what I can tell the legs are covered with fabric but I think I could probably recover with something similar to the headboard or paint them.

I've seen this World Market Hara Screen used as a headboard.  It would solve my dilemma of needing something all the way to the floor and it is thin so it wouldn't take up much space.  But it still isn't as cushy as I was going for.

While most headboards come in linen or grey I'm kind of wanting to do a colored headboard.  I know -that isn't the smartest way to go since it limits redos of bedding but if I'm spending the money I want to spend it on something I really want.

Like this Safavieh Shayne Headboard but I don't know if I 'm brave enough for something so blue.  I love navy and green together so I think I could get away with using my current euro shams but this might be too Elvis for me.

Really this is perfect to me, wish I could find something in that same color.  A little charcoal with a navy undertone.  

I really love this melon colored headboard, but I think I would have to make something like this to get the right color.

As far as bedding and fabric, I'm sort of all over the place.  I wold really like to incorporate blue in some way. But then again I have some grey fabric that I could use for free. 

These 2 may be able to be friends.

 Maybe make a really nice bed skirt?  The one in there now was mine in college and is about 4" too short!  I don't really want to do grey since there is so much of it in that area of the house but again FREE.  

So anyway that was pretty much what is going on in my head.  If anyone has seen any awesome bedrooms or bedding I should check out send them my way.


Kat Hertzler said...

I'm diggin' that headboard from Walmart. I was trying to get my friend to buy that one a couple months ago, but I think she went with a PB one. But I feel ya...kinda sick of gray too. Had to laugh at the "too Elvis" comment. It's true...waaay too Elvis. I'll keep my eyes pealed and let you know if I come across anything. Did you check (now that I think about it, that may have been where my friend got hers)

Diana @ wonderfully made. said...

Ooh I love the screen! That would be so original! Those inspiration pics make me swoon, too. :)

Jeanine said...

I saw a nice leather, or it may have been faux leather, headboard at Pier 1. I remember thinking it was inexpensive, and think it was about $300. It was really pretty and in white, which would go with anything. I don't know if it comes in other colors. I got a purple headboard from Wayfair for my daughter, which is lovely, but not sure that a color will stand the test of time. If you go with white leather, you could clean it easily, and you can change the other colors in the room anytime.

Brandi said...

I love the ideas you have in mind for your guest room. Your fabric choices are really nice and I really like the Safavieh headboards. Good luck completing your room.

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