Monday, March 10, 2014

Dutch + Cam

Last week Dutch got to meet someone very special!!  

Cam was really sweet with Dutch.  He told him that he had the perfect "Carolina" blue eyes.  He also kept saying "Dutch you're a big boy, you could probably tackle me now".  And of course he loved Dutch's Cam jersey. We were wanting to wait until Cam had on his Panthers uniform but it was 10 pm and Dutch is usually asleep by 7.

As you can tell Dutch was a little star struck.  I mean he spent most Sundays watching Cam play.  

And I knew that I was a true Mom because I didn't push Dutch out of the way and jump in Cam's arms myself!


Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Proud of you for not putting the throw down on Dutch to get to Cam. I know that was hard for you ;)

Elizabeth said...

Too cool! Ask cam next time you see him if he will sign D's cast! ;)

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