Friday, March 21, 2014

Baby Swingin

For Christmas my parents gave Dutch a baby swing.  The Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing if we are talking specifics.  A few weekends ago they came down for the day so Poppy could build a frame to hang the swing from.  It took him no time to put it together and Dutch has been swinging ever since.  

This is usually what I see when I get home from work.  Dutch has always been an outside baby.  I use to come home to him and Eric rocking on the deck but now he has moved onto swinging. tear.  Hopefully soon we can make that area of the yard a little more appealing while incorporating some fun things for Dutch.  We are lucky to have such a big back yard.  We would be even luckier if we woke up tomorrow and there was a swimming pool in the yard!

Anyway if you need a great gift that will get lots of use but not clutter up the house a baby swing is a great option.  

We have had a few really pretty days around here.  I really hope this spring thing sticks around.  

And just when it starts warming up and you have getting ready for swimsuit season on your mind, just know that Dutch is working on his figure as well.  His legs just keep getting bigger and it is awesome!  Ain't nothin cuter than big baby legs in bubbles!

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A happy reader said...

Dutch is a beautiful boy. I agree that his legs are baby perfection.
War Eagle.

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