Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Favorite: Wet Brush

This week for my weekly favorite I am going to share about the Wet Brush

My sister in law gave me one at Christmas and I have really loved using it.  It is especially good for getting tangles out without pain or tears.  Since about 3 months after having Dutch I have been losing hair like crazy and I love this thing because it gets all of my lose hair out.  Luckily the shedding has slowed down a bit, starting to wonder about going bald there for a few months.
I've seen them at Sally Beauty Supply and they are all over Amazon.

Have a good weekend friends.  I think it is going to get up to 50* here so I may be busting out the bikini and washing my car.  Ok maybe not but my blood is not made for this weather.  Stay warm!

1 comment:

Kyler, Jennifer, Olivia and Lucy said...

We gave a couple of them. they are the only brush my girls will let me use on their hair. They say they don't hurt like other brushes.

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