Friday, January 3, 2014

Save For A Year Update

Last January I posted this blog:

A few days ago on facebook I saw a handy little savings chart where you save the dollar amount for whatever week of the year it is.  The photo was hard to read so I retyped one for myself printed it out for the fridge, and then shrunk it down in excel to keep in my wallet.

I thought it was a neat concept and an easy way to save for something extra or if you are on a tight budget a great way to get started saving money. I really love to save money but have a hard time spending what I save so I think this will help me out.

Since most of us don't have an extra $200 laying around in December I switched the challenge and started from week 52 to make it easier.  What is something you would save up for.  Me?  A vacation of course!

A year later I'm happy to report that I followed through and saved the money!  I can think of a few people that made fun of me (ERIC I'm looking at you), that now wish they had a fat wad of cash. 

Like I stated I started backwards but if you don't have $52 to save right now then pick a week and save that much.  Just mark off the week to remember which ones you have saved.  
After I hit the $20 week, I just saved $20 a week.  It was just easier to keep up with.

My goal was to do something fun with the money.  We were planning on a trip to NYC this past December and found a great deal on airfare.  But then reality hit and I realized that I would have to nurse Dutch or pump the whole trip. That pretty much took the excitement out of a trip where you are constantly doing something besides sitting down.  So instead of a trip, we were able to make Christmas better for a few families and I gave Dutch's daycare teachers a nice gift since they are so great.  Even after that I still have a nice amount left over so I guess it will just get added to the kitty.

Did you do this plan last year or have plans to start this year?  I'm going to do it all again- hopefully I will have pictures from a great vacation to post next January :)  Or maybe I will just hire a sleep trainer for Dutch...


Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

First of all, sorry about your Tigers last night. What a crazy game.

I thought this saving idea was so neat when you posted it last year. I started to do it, but didn't make it very far. Kudos to you for doing it! And I'm so impressed with how you chose to spend your hard saved money. You are a kind and generous soul :)

So, I printed out the chart and I'm really gonna try to follow through this year. Since I'm gonna be a grandma in June, I'm gonna need the extra cash! :)

Thanks for the great idea and a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year to you, Eric and Dutch! xo

Brendon Wayne said...

I will follow this saving technique and hope to last till the end of the year. Speaking of yearly, for people who live abroad and pay their taxes should already claim their foreign earned income tax credit

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