Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favorite: Snow Dayyyyysss

We enjoyed an early week treat Tuesday  snow!  I was so excited about the snow, I always am.  But I was soooo excited to play with Dutch in the snow.  

This is kind of how Dutch felt about the snow.

Not really, he just didn't like the layers of clothes he had to wear.

This snow was a lot different from our other snows.  First it iced all day Tuesday and finally started to snow around 4.  When we went outside to play it was so cold.  Like 12* cold.  In true red neck fashion we fixed up a sled for our boy, along with sock gloves to match his other snow attire.
When it got up to 20* we spent a little time outside but the snow wouldn't even pack to make a snow ball.  We ended up with a pretty good amount of ice and not as much snow.  Since it was in the 20's the city was shut down for the past several days.  Can you say cabin fever?!

 Snow days are a lot different with a baby.  Before I would have deep cleaned the house or sewed or cooked a lot while off for a snow day.  Instead there was a lot of playing inside and a few naps.  Check out Claire, she has such a hard life.

Even with the cold temps and lack of productivity snow 2014 was a success because I did manage to make a few treats and we may have consumed a whole batch of brownies on Tuesday.  Today it was back to work and daycare for everyone.  Dutch was so happy to see all of his buddies!

In Auburn we were prepared for the ice but not everyone was so lucky.  Birmingham was slammed and we know several people that were stranded and had to spend the night with strangers.  Strangers, I am so intrigued.  They had to abandon their cars on the highway and walk to shelter.  In their dress clothes, some with babies in tow.  I can't imagine.  Thankful we didn't have that problem, but I am working on an emergency kit for the car.  Anyway check out this video of a girl ice skating on the streets in B'ham.  I have laughed a million times thinking about ice skating down a street in Alabama!

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Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

I thought of you when I heard about your snow and ice... glad to hear you weren't one of the many stranded folks! And I must say, the sock mittens are my favorite :) although that redneck sled is a close second!


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