Friday, January 17, 2014

Favorite This Week: Daily Journal

With inspiration from Chris at Red Gate Farm, I've decided to do a weekly favorite.  The plan is to do a short post on something that I've really liked that week.  Hopefully it will help me get back to blogging, learning how to use my camera again and maybe you will even get a few ideas!

First up for this week I wanted to share my daily journal the One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book.

I heard about this simple journal a few years ago and made sure that I had one ready to go when Dutch was born.  I've been writing a few memories or special moments from our day since he was born.  Sometimes I don't have time to write for that day (hello baby that wants to be attached to someone 24/7) and if I forget what happened that day I write something that he has been doing that I love or what makes him laugh, etc.

Along that same line I also have a journal for Dutch.  I bought it the night after I found out I was pregnant with him.  I had intended to record my pregnancy and beyond in it -milestones, funny sayings, my feelings for him. But I haven't written in it yet.  I have a lot of those things written out on notebook paper and stuck inside. I am really big on chronological order and I think that is what is holding me back. I already regret some of the lost time that I haven't recorded.  Gotta get on that soon.

Anyway got off track there.  I think the One Line a Day would make a great gift.  Perfect for a new mom or even someone getting married.  I would love to go back and read what Eric and I were up to back in the day.
Another good simple daily journal: Q&A a Day for Kids: A Three Year Journal.  Have a great weekend friends!


Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

What a wonderful idea! Love the idea of a line a day... not so overwhelming!


Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Fantastic idea, Vanessa. You will cherish that little journal forever. xo

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

How cool, Great idea!!

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