Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Well I think I'm being forced to wake up from my Thanksgiving / Iron Bowl coma.
We have had a wonderful past few days at our house.  Thanksgiving break kicked off early for us, last Monday thanks to Dutch having RSV.  Does this look like a sick baby to you?

Yeah me neither but by Thursday RSV caught up to him and he was wheezing really bad and wouldn't eat.  Thankfully the Dr was right and by Friday morning he was feeling much better.

Eric's family came in from Texas which was really fun.  They were more than happy to watch Dutch so I could cook our Thanksgiving meal.  Having a lot of food choices and a lot of leftovers freak me out so for me to be able to pull this off was pretty amazing.  Plus my house and kitchen are tiny so preparing a meal for 13 is no easy feat.

We had fried turkey, dressing, skillet corn, spinach and artichoke casserole, homemade mac and cheese, Arkansas green beans, sweet potato casserole and collards.
For dessert we had apple dumplings, German chocolate pecan bars, and hot fudge pie.

My sister and brother in law also ate with us and the men fried a turkey for the first time.  Eric spent a lot of time and effort getting a cable and power to the back porch so they thought they were hot stuff frying a turkey and watching tv around the fire pit.

The turkey was delicious and I'm pretty confident in saying this family will never bake another turkey.

I know this goes without saying but this year we are so thankful for Dutch and his health.  He was pretty puny on Thanksgiving so this was the best picture I got of him.  That boy, there isn't anything sweeter!

Hope you all had a great holiday and spent it with the ones you love most!


Lori said...

Thought of you guys when the fans started going on the field! War Eagle!

Lori said...

Thought of you guys when the fans started going on the field! War Eagle!

emily said...

So glad D is feeling better.

and I immediately thought of you when Auburn won! What a game!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've followed your posts for some time now. Just a quick note to say that I think Dutch is one of the most beautiful babies EVER! It is such a joy to see him in your new posts. Happy Holidays to you and your family!
Charlotte Grace

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