Monday, December 16, 2013

Pasadena Bound!

I'm a little late on this post but still wanted to have it recorded on the blog.

Auburn is headed to the National Championship!!!  We still can't believe it and are so excited!  We gave up our tickets to the SEC Championship game to stay home with Dutch.  While I am sure the game was fun, this was perfect.

It was past Dutch's bedtime but he was still awake and we wanted to go roll Toomer's Corner.  We put his tiger outfit over his pj's and headed there.
We were stopped so many times with people wanting to take his picture or get their picture with him we didn't even make it all the way to the main wires.
But it was so fun and I'll always remember that, blurry pictures and all.

I fell asleep during the Ohio State/Michigan State game and Eric woke me up and told me that Ohio State lost and that AU was going to the National Championsip.  It was like a dream. ha.
   We had an amazing time when we went to the National Championship game a few years ago.  That trip was before Dutch and I'm not sure I could leave him or make him tag along on a cross country flight.  So needless to say we decided not to go to Pasadena. Plus I could pretty much travel the world with the money we will have saved.
Regardless this has been a season to remember.  3-9 last year and headed to the National Championship this year!
Even though I only made it to 2 games this year, lots of Auburn memories were made.



Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

I think all of America is still in a little shock over the way the National Championship game ended up. So great for Auburn though! Super happy for you guys.

LOVE all of these pictures! Such great memories for your family :)

War Eagle!!

Kat said...

I really hate that Mitch doesn't watch college football. It makes me sad. Really. I grew up with it on every weekend, but now I have no clue what's going on:( But I'm so happy for YOU!! How stinkin' exciting!! And little Dutch is so precious in his little orange and blue. So glad you have these memories for him to look back on someday. So fun.

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