Tuesday, November 12, 2013


When Eric and I got married I made us "forever" stockings.  Well I don't really love them anymore and now with Dutch I wanted us sto all have matching stockings.  I started my search in September because I wanted to make sure they arrived in plenty of time to have monogrammed if needed.  I settled on these from Zulily. I can't decide if I want to get our names or monogram on them.  What do you think?

Since Zulily is a flash sale site, they are no longer avaialble but I am pretty sure the brand is Chooty and Co.  While I do love them, I've since realized that I was looking too early, retailiers are just starting to put out their holiday items and there are a lot more choices now.  

Eric's mom makes everyone in the family the Bucilla felt stockings and my mom  makes everyone their own stocking.  I can only aspire to be that awesome and maybe one January I will start on making our homemade stockings.

I really like the idea of getting stockings and gifts off of etsy, love to support those small shops.  When I started my search there wasn't much variety but now there are tons of choices on etsy. 
These are the other stockings that were in the running.

These burlap stockings from the etsy shop Holiday Home Decor.

Camp Kitschy Knits

Today on GroopDealz there is a great deal on monogram burlap stockings.
Another site that has a few cute options was Personal Creations.com.  I bought Dutch's Christmas PJ's from them and they are super cute.  Little butt flap that says Dutch's First Christmas, so cute!  Do you have forever stockings?


Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

We do... I knit stockings (similar to the ones you have shown) for our family years ago. The knit ones were fun when my kids were small because you could fit some pretty big things inside of them since they stretch!

I do like the ones you picked out! They would be very cute with names/monograms!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Great inspiration pictures!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm strange about stockings - I want to buy new ones every year but I never decide on the "perfect" ones. I do love the ones you chose! Super cute and I love the check.

emily said...

I like the ones from Zulily. Definitely more "rustic".

The first burlap stockings you posted are beautiful! I may have to do some shopping now...

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