Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My fav shirt

So today I have to share my new favorite shirt in case you need a new favorite shirt.

My mom and I made a quick trip to Target Saturday before the AU/GA game and she picked up the shirt in navy.  I had to go back Sunday night and get the grey.  It is so comfy and can be dressed up or dressed down.  Today I wore it with a button up underneath and a big necklace.  Before leaving the house this morning I realized Dutch and I were both wearing grey and green.

I think I'm going to go back and get the navy.  It can be my "Auburn" shirt for this season.  Which by the way how amazing is Auburn this year 10-1?  Dutch got to roll Toomer's Corner for the first time after the Tennessee game.  We called our families and told them to watch on the TC webcam.  So fun.

This was Dutch's 20 week photo on Sunday.  Surprisingly this camo outfit is one of my favs on him, and add tiny little loafers.  Recipe for adorableness.  


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I just got the same shirt as well and love it!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I have this same shirt in another color. It's so comfortable.

Kat said...

Shoot, guess I gotta hit up Target. We can have matching PJs as well as matching fave shirts. ;)

emily said...

May just have to check out Tarjay!

Loving the Camo!

Lori said...

How awesome was the uga game? War Eagle

Natalie said...

i know you know this but he really is one of the most beautiful little babies. absolutely!!!!

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