Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Well I've got a little extra time as I'm stuck pumping.  Too much info?  Here are some boring (except the next to last one!) Tuesday Randoms:

 *Before I got pregnant, I would paint my nails all the time.  Then I got all day sickness and couldn't do anything besides open my eyes so I stopped painting my nails.  Sunday night I painted my nails and remembered just how much cooler I feel with painted nails.  My favorite polish (and it is super cheap) is Wet N Wild Megalast nail polish. It has the best rounded tip brush that is great for keeping polish off your cuticle.  And last about 5 days on my nails.  I hand wash my dishes (I know I'm weird) and they still look great.

 *Do you love the seasonal candy?  Hello Reese Cup and Snickers Pumpkins, they are so much better.  I never thought about it but a friend pointed out that they are made for the holidays so they are fresh as opposed to a Reese Cup that has been sitting on the shelf for months.  So true.  I think we have kept Oreo in business this Halloween.  They are just so fresh and the cream is so moist and fluffy.

 *Dutch turned 16 weeks old on Sunday and I am just now starting to lose my hair.  I thought it would happen sooner.  I have never been so thankful for such thick hair because I am sure that half of what I started with is gone.  I dread washing my hair because it takes forever to round up all the strays and I'm pretty sure that I forgot to rinse the conditioner out last night.  But I have started to curl my hair again and I forgot how much better it looks curled.  This is what I look like at this very moment...

 *Do you have a BB Cream that you love?  I bought some the other night and it is pretty much like tinted water.  I know it isn't suppose to be a lot of coverage but I expected more that that.

 *I walked in Dutch's bathroom yesterday morning and saw tiny baby clothes hanging to dry.  Don't know why but I couldn't get over how sweet those tiny clothes looked so I had to take a picture so I could remember it forever.  

Only thing sweeter is when they are on this baby.  We have had the best time doing "fall" things with Dutch this month.

*At work we've been renovating a bathroom.  It was 13 years old and wayyyy past time.  Hope to post about it next week.

 Have a great Tuesday!


Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

awh that smile, what a cutie. Cute pumpkin shirt
I love my BB Cream, I use the ponds brand I have a $2 off coupon if you want I can send it to you if you want to try it

Kat said...

First of all, I hear ya with the hair falling out. And I have thin hair! I literally have the dinkiest ponytail right now and little whispies for bangs on one side. It's horrible. So yes, be SO thankful you have thick hair! It looks great with that curl in it.

And what is BB cream??

emily said...

That picture of Dutch is simply too much! Seriously handsome, that kid!!!

Pregnancy hormones and hair growth/falling out is no joke. I probably could have made a wig with the amount of hair I lost!

Lets just build a house! said...

your hair is still gorgeous! i paint my nails like 3 times a week so i dont know what i would do if i couldnt do it...it relaxes me!

Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Wow, 16 weeks already! The time sure has flown by... love the little pumpkin/jack o lantern shirt. So cute and snuggly! I'm looking forward to next June when I get to officially be a Gigi (grandma) as my daughter and son in law just found out... it's still a secret to most but I figure I can tell a few folks in blogland and the word won't get back ;)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

16 weeks? How is that possible? Such a sweetheart.

And I love his quilt - did I miss the post on that?

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I hated the hair falling out phase. I need a good BB creme too, so if you get any good recs let me know!

Amanda said...

I totally feel you on the hair loss thing after pregnancy! But looking at an adorable baby makes it all worth it, right :)?

My favorite BB cream is the Garnier Oil-Free/Matte BB cream (don't get the original - it's super oily!) - it actually has enough coverage that I don't need to wear foundation, just concealer.

amanda | wildly simple said...

I had to google "bb cream" .. never heard that term before!

I have a bottle of that megalast polish in a tiffany / robins egg blue. I LOVE the brush!
That's my newest polish, and while I have far too many, if I buy more I'll definitely go with the same.
I don't do my fingers, but ALWAYS my toes. :)

Your hair looks awesome!

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Good Lord those tiny clothes are sweet. You are so smart to take time to enjoy those precious little moments that go by so fast.

Jenn Leigh said...

I use the Maybelline BB cream and love what it does for my skin. When I wash my face at night it's always more clear and just feels better, however the coverage isn't great. If you're not stuck on a BB cream, I suggest the Almay CC cream. It has amazing buildable coverage but not overdone. It's still great for your skin but I don't get the "wow" factor when I wash my face. I'll typically use the CC cream throughout the week and the BB cream on the weekends. If my skin continues to clear up I'll start using the BB cream during the week. Hope that helps!

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