Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Christmas Shopping...Already?

In effort to enjoy every second of Dutch's 1st Christmas this year, I've already started Christmas shopping.  I know it isn't even Halloween yet but we are having Santa pictures made on the 26th, then he will change into his Halloween costume and trick or treat at the grandparents.  ha.
I am a person that thinks about gifts all year and if I see something I go ahead and buy it.  I've talked about (use to be and GroopDealz before but they have had some really great things lately.  Thought you may want to check them out too if you don't already subscribe to their emails.  Here are some of my favs right now.

I have some fleece lined running tights and I think these would be similar.  They aren't thick fleece like it sounds, just a fleecy inside to keep some of the chill out.

Like I mentioned GroopDealz is another good sale site.  They have a ton of good stuff right now but I can't copy pics from their site so what fun is that.  If you click on the link above I get $5 for each sign up, just wanted to put that out there.  The only bad thing about these sites is if you see it you better buy it then because when you go back it may be sold out.  I've had that happen to me several times :(  And always read the ship out time because some things don't ship for a few weeks.

Speaking of Christmas gifts does anyone have any good Christmas gifts for babies in the 6 mo + range?  I've got a few ideas like an outdoor swing and jumperoo (does your baby have one they love) from the grandparents but is there something else I'm missing out on?  I don't want or have room for a ton of toys in the house so Eric really wants to buy himself Dutch 107 acres of hunting land.  Not sure that is in our Christmas budget...


Jessica said...

we have the rainforest jumperoo and we have an exersaucer with a bumble bee on it (i am forgetting the brand, but it came from babies r us) and i thought our baby would like the jumperoo better. it turns out she loves the exersaucer and all the toys on it. there are lots of different kinds of toys for different things to do.

we got her bath toys for her stocking (she was 4 months) the exersaucer, and of course a bunch of clothes and jammies. she still uses everything we got her (minus the clothes).

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Those leggings look so yummy!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Great idea, I am busy brain storming for xmas ideas also

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