Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Ain't no tricks around here, just sweet treats!

Halloween has been so fun this year with our Donald Duck.  
I ordered the crochet costume from etsy. Even though it will be around 80* today he still needed a shirt so I made the onesie.  He looked so funny at daycare today sitting in his bouncy seat oblivious that he is wearing that hat. ha.

This past weekend we went home for Santa pictures and to ToT with cousins at the grandparents' houses.  Dutch was the lion to my sister's Wizard of Oz crew.

Hope you have a great Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Well I've got a little extra time as I'm stuck pumping.  Too much info?  Here are some boring (except the next to last one!) Tuesday Randoms:

 *Before I got pregnant, I would paint my nails all the time.  Then I got all day sickness and couldn't do anything besides open my eyes so I stopped painting my nails.  Sunday night I painted my nails and remembered just how much cooler I feel with painted nails.  My favorite polish (and it is super cheap) is Wet N Wild Megalast nail polish. It has the best rounded tip brush that is great for keeping polish off your cuticle.  And last about 5 days on my nails.  I hand wash my dishes (I know I'm weird) and they still look great.

 *Do you love the seasonal candy?  Hello Reese Cup and Snickers Pumpkins, they are so much better.  I never thought about it but a friend pointed out that they are made for the holidays so they are fresh as opposed to a Reese Cup that has been sitting on the shelf for months.  So true.  I think we have kept Oreo in business this Halloween.  They are just so fresh and the cream is so moist and fluffy.

 *Dutch turned 16 weeks old on Sunday and I am just now starting to lose my hair.  I thought it would happen sooner.  I have never been so thankful for such thick hair because I am sure that half of what I started with is gone.  I dread washing my hair because it takes forever to round up all the strays and I'm pretty sure that I forgot to rinse the conditioner out last night.  But I have started to curl my hair again and I forgot how much better it looks curled.  This is what I look like at this very moment...

 *Do you have a BB Cream that you love?  I bought some the other night and it is pretty much like tinted water.  I know it isn't suppose to be a lot of coverage but I expected more that that.

 *I walked in Dutch's bathroom yesterday morning and saw tiny baby clothes hanging to dry.  Don't know why but I couldn't get over how sweet those tiny clothes looked so I had to take a picture so I could remember it forever.  

Only thing sweeter is when they are on this baby.  We have had the best time doing "fall" things with Dutch this month.

*At work we've been renovating a bathroom.  It was 13 years old and wayyyy past time.  Hope to post about it next week.

 Have a great Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Christmas Shopping...Already?

In effort to enjoy every second of Dutch's 1st Christmas this year, I've already started Christmas shopping.  I know it isn't even Halloween yet but we are having Santa pictures made on the 26th, then he will change into his Halloween costume and trick or treat at the grandparents.  ha.
I am a person that thinks about gifts all year and if I see something I go ahead and buy it.  I've talked about (use to be and GroopDealz before but they have had some really great things lately.  Thought you may want to check them out too if you don't already subscribe to their emails.  Here are some of my favs right now.

I have some fleece lined running tights and I think these would be similar.  They aren't thick fleece like it sounds, just a fleecy inside to keep some of the chill out.

Like I mentioned GroopDealz is another good sale site.  They have a ton of good stuff right now but I can't copy pics from their site so what fun is that.  If you click on the link above I get $5 for each sign up, just wanted to put that out there.  The only bad thing about these sites is if you see it you better buy it then because when you go back it may be sold out.  I've had that happen to me several times :(  And always read the ship out time because some things don't ship for a few weeks.

Speaking of Christmas gifts does anyone have any good Christmas gifts for babies in the 6 mo + range?  I've got a few ideas like an outdoor swing and jumperoo (does your baby have one they love) from the grandparents but is there something else I'm missing out on?  I don't want or have room for a ton of toys in the house so Eric really wants to buy himself Dutch 107 acres of hunting land.  Not sure that is in our Christmas budget...

Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Weekend and A Bargain

This was the first weekend in a while that we haven't been out of town or had company so we were looking forward to getting to hold Dutch all weekend and not have to share him with anyone!  I use to worry that I wouldn't want to spend time with my baby or think it is fun to play with him.  I was wrong.  If I could live this past weekend over every day of my life I would.  Dutch was a dream baby (he always is) and was such a sweetie all weekend.  

I miss Dutch taking naps on me since I've gone back to work so Saturday we took a 2 hour nap and he was so snuggly.

Auburn played Ole Miss at home Saturday so Eric worked most of the day.  It was 90* so I decided not to take Dutch and we stayed home and watched the game.  This baby LOVES football.  His bouncy seat was beside the tv but he was about to break his neck trying to see the tv so I had to move his bouncy.  He even got more football in yesterday watching the Cowboys / Broncos game. ha.  We saw Eric on tv a lot so that was a treat and we could hear the crowd at our house so we felt like we were there. 

After Dutch fell asleep I worked on switching out our closets for colder weather.  It was weird looking at clothes that I last wore when I was pregnant.  Last year when I switched out my closet it was the day before the morning sickness started so I was nervous about doing it this year.  Glad to report no sickness this year.  

Dutch and I both love stripes!  

Sunday I wanted to go eat at Panne George's (local soul food restaurant) for lunch.  We walked in the door and the line was snaked to the back of the restaurant and out the back door.  Guess we will try again on an away football weekend.
Dutch turned 14 weeks old at 11:24!  We take his picture every Sunday at 11:24.

After lunch we stopped by a local nursery.  They had a cute fall display so we got some pics, I promise Dutch had fun.  Then we walked around with the owner and Dutch fell asleep on him.  It was cute.

His first time to wear overalls!

Nap continued at home while I worked on pictures (never ending)

Well now that you made it through that here is your reward.  Run to Target today and get some frames.  RUN!  $2.98 for an 8x10 with 4x6 cut out people.  Get your gallery wall started.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Rolo Stuffed Ritz

Yesterday I saw the recipe for Rolo Stuffed Ritz on Pinterest and had to make them last night.  The link was "fishy" so I didn't click it for the recipe, but luckily the directions were in the description.

Preheat oven to 350*
Place crackers salty side down.  Place Rolo on cracker and bake 3-5 minutes to melt Rolo.  Add another cracker on top while pushing down a little on Rolo.

I made myself sick eating, the perfect mix of salty and sweet!  Have a great weekend friend!
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