Thursday, September 5, 2013

Football Season

Well it is that time of year again, football season.  Hopefully this year will yield a better outcome for the Auburn Tigers but if not at least we added to the roster at our house.  We had our yearly supper club picnic at the football stadium last week.  I think everyone's kids left worn out from all of the running they did.  Next year Dutch will be able to run around too but for now he has to settle on relaxing on Eric's grass.

As if we didn't get enough the next night we came back for an ice cream party.

(Dutch's shirt is an applique of the Toomer's Oak rolled!)

It is one rough life for that baby.

And then we got talked into heading up to the softball field Thursday night while Eric watered in the infield.

We didn't make it to the game Saturday night, instead Dutch and I made a trip to the lake.  Yes I'll probably post about that too because this may be a Dutch blog for a while.  Sorry for all of you that use to read This and That for other things besides baby.  Right now the only thing we have going on is baby so I don't have much else to write about, at least he is cute!


emily said...

He looks mighty comfortable laying on his daddy's football field! ;)

I'm sure Auburn will be making him an honorary player soon!

Kat said...

Yes, he is SO cute! Love all these pics. Did you take them?? (totes look like profesh) (and yes, I feel like a 13 yr old right now but just had to do it.)

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