Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dutch's Must List

Now that I've got 10 whole weeks of parenting under my belt (ha) I thought I would do a little Dutch's Must List. I enjoy seeing these on other blogs and thought it would be fun one day to look back on. We don't have very many musts. I don't like a lot of clutter in the house, so far I'm winning that battle. I know as he grows he will need more toys and things but for now these are working.

A) Fisher Price Rock n' Play. This thing is the best. We are using Dutch's cousin Bellarose's RnP so it is pink but Dutch doesn't care because he is too busy snoozing. He slept in it most every night until this past week.  Saturday he learned to roll on his side and is almost 25" long so I've been paranoid about him being in it. He slept better in his RnP than the pack and play (still not in his crib) and I think the reason is because it was snuggly so it felt like someone was holding him.  It is reclined so if your baby has reflux it would probably be good for that. The best part is it fold up so it is great for travel.  Below is his first time in the RnP.

B) Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer Little Snugabunny. Again Dutch loves this. Eric's coworkers gifted this to him when he was a week old and we've used it everyday since. I put him in it while I take a shower and he usually falls asleep. He loves the birds that hang down and squeals when we put him in it.  This is the first time he was in his bouncy at 1 week.

C) myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Machine and Projector. Not sure who loves this one more, Dutch or Eric. Every night Dutch lays in bed with Eric while I am cleaning up and they watch their "movies" on the projector. Dutch likes the heart beat sound and I love that it has a timer.

D) Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. I think this brand is on everyone's must list. Dutch is a super hot baby and would prefer to be naked all the time, even at night. I do swaddle him because he has crazy wild arms and these are good for that because they are so thin. We were fortunate enough to receive several of these blankets as well as the A+A bibs and burp cloths which we love. Oh and just to note, Dutch made the A+A "Jungle Jam" blanket cool before Prince George did.

E) Infantino Gogo Gaga Deluxe Twist Fold Gym. We've been using this since about 3 weeks. Dutch was obsessed with it at first and still enjoys playing on it... until I turn it into tummy time. I like that it isn't annoying kid fabric and it also fold us easily to store. But if I was going to go with an annoyingly colorful activity mat I would get the Fisher Price Piano Mat. Dutch loves his FP foot piano so I know he would love the mat and it would be 2 toys in 1.

F) Side snap and pull on shirts. Back to the super hot baby. Dutch would prefer to sleep without clothes but I feel like a bad mom for letting him sleep naked. He wears these most nights, I would say they are his signature style. They usually ride up and let his belly breathe so he likes them better than a onesie. I've got a lot of adorable sleepers and gowns that I wish he would wear, hopefully they will still fit in the fall.

G) Outdoor Rocking Chair. Again not sure if it is more for Eric or Dutch but rocking outside is another one of their "things". When we visited my parents at 4 weeks, they spent most of the visit outside rocking on the porch because Dutch was so content outside. The next day guess what was at my house. Right now we have a cheapie Walmart rocker, but may have to splurge on something more comfortable soon.  A lot of time is spent watching the hummingbirds from the rocking chair.

Honorable mentions:
Aden + Anais Sleeping Bag.  Since Dutch is out of the Rock n Play I am swaddling him less.  This morning when I went to wake him up he was on his side so the swaddle needs to go. We are too paranoid about using a blanket so these sleeping bags have been perfect.  Again a hot baby and these are one single layer of muslin so they are cool for him.

Puppy Baby Mat.  We received this as a gift and Dutch loves to lay on it while we play.  He usually has to kick Claire off of it first so I guess after he outgrows it, Claire will take over.

Hope these helped if you are going to have a baby soon.  What are some of your baby's must have's or do you know of anything Dutch is missing out on?
If you need me I'll be in a closet crying after looking at the photos when Dutch was such a tiny baby.


emily said...

He picked some good items!

Jack loved that play mat too, and those AnA blankets are amazing. I want one for myself!

Desiree said...

Congrats!! I used to read your blog all the time and then somehow slowed down on the blog'o sphere. anywho, I recently came across it again and see you had a sweet baby boy. So happy! My hubby and I are expecting in Feb after 8 long yrs of infertility. We're so thrilled to say the least. Here I am soaking up all these wonderful baby products to add to my list. thanks for sharing :)

Deux Lai said...

Absolutely love the Snugabunny. Easily one of the best baby bouncer out there!

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