Monday, September 30, 2013

My IUI Story

September 28, 2012 looked like this
Our last family of 2 photo!

September 28, 2013 looked like this because of September 28, 2012.

 Dutch's 1st Mule Day

I'm not sure if I've ever talked on the blog about our IUI that resulted in Dutch.  I know I had planned on it but sometimes things are just too raw so I don't know if I ever mentioned it.  The Fall always makes me think about trying to have a baby and not being successful.  But thinking about Fall 2012 and holding that result in my hands today leaves me so thankful.  And even though I'm thankful it is still hard to think back on the years that we were trying to have a baby without success.

So here is our story.  I hope it is boring to everyone that reads this blog.  If so just skip on over but the reality is that some of you will be interested in reading so I hope it helps.  If you have any questions email me, I will be glad to help out!

Preface Sidenote: People please don't be afraid to advocate for YOUR body.  Yes Dr's are so great and smart and wonderful and I have a whole new appreciation of them after having a baby, but most of the time you have to do the leg work when you KNOW something is wrong.  Hopefully this isn't the case for you but for me it was and if I hadn't told the Dr that I was pretty sure I had a progesterone issue I would probably still not be pregnant and he would be saying just give it another month.
Also why do Dr's not automatically check your progesterone level when you tell them you are trying to get pregnant?  Without progesterone you can't ovulate.  Remember on Friends when Monica had a hostile uterus?  With low progesterone your uterus is a hostile environment to grow a baby and it can result in miscarriage.  When I did get pregnant I would go for weekly progesterone checks until 12 weeks and was on progesterone cream.  Thankfully it helped my hostile uterus.

October 2010 I started my first round of Clomid.  While we had not been trying for the 1 year period that Dr's usually wait before trying any type of fertility treatment I knew from MY own research that I had low progesterone and the chances of me ovulating on my own were pretty slim.  After asking the Dr to check my progesterone he put me on Clomid.
After that cycle I decided to not use Clomid again.  With no luck I bought Taking Charge of Your Fertility in January 2011.  I think this should be required reading for everyone.  Men and Women.  I learned SO much and began charting.
April 2011.  I went back to the Dr for my annual and had my progesterone checked again.  It was at a 4 which is too low to ovulate.
May 2011.  I started my second round of Clomid.  My progesterone level did get up to 11 so I did ovulate but no luck.
June 2011.  Clomid for 3rd cycle.  My progesterone level got up to 25 which was encouraging but no luck.
July 2011. For some reason I thought that this was our month.  I was able to pinpoint my exact ovulation date through charting so I was really excited.  No baby.
August 2011.  After trying for over a year with no success my Dr talked me into doing the HSG dye test to make sure everything was flowing good.  I was so scared because I don't do Dr's or hospitals (ha says the girl that went to the Dr every week for a year for blood work)  The results of the test were great.  I know the test is painful for some but since everything was flowing fine I didn't have pain.
September 2011.  Our 4th Clomid cycle without a positive pregnancy test. I was about to start my October Clomid cycle when I woke up with terrible pain in the middle of the night.  I wasn't sure if I was going to pass out or throw up.  I got out of bed to walk across the house to get some Tylenol but couldn't make it so I had to detour to the couch.  Eric woke up and brought me some meds, I fell asleep and felt fine in the morning.  It was a Friday so I knew my Dr office closed early that day so first thing I put in a call to the nurse because I wasn't sure what had happened to me in the middle of the night and I wasn't sure if it was safe to continue on with the Clomid.  I never have period cramps so I knew something was up.
Well they never called me back and Eric didn't want me to do that round of Clomid.  I may have had a little freak out because that was one more month wasted.
That next week I quit my Dr after he didn't seem concerned in the least about my pain from that night.  Ugh general women's care.  He made no suggestion that it could have been a ruptured cyst or even to check for cysts, something that is associated with Clomid.  I asked him to refer me to ART fertility clinic.

Our first ART appointment was for November 1, 2010.  The weekend before that we had a home football game so that meant tailgating.  Sunday night several of our friends started to get sick.  At first we thought food poisoning but it had been 30+ hours since the tailgate so we decided we were all sick with the stomach virus.  As a result I had to cancel that appointment.  I did freak out then because it would mean another month without getting pregnant, but really it meant like a year because I thought we would have to wait several months for another appointment and to come up with a plan.
But the good news is God knows more than me.  We were able to get an appointment just a few weeks later at the office only 45 minutes away, not 2 hours away like the last appointment.  I was trying to control every detail so when things didn't go as planned I would panic.  I will never forget on November 4th when I got such a peace about the whole thing.  I realized that I honestly have NO control over the situation.  Yes I did have a part in the whole thing but really it was up to God's plan.  After that day I was so much happier.  I still would get sad and impatient, but I had a whole new attitude.

So we finally get our fertility clinic appointment.   At the appointment I was exhibiting one of my low progesterone symptoms so the nurse decided to do an internal ultrasound on me.  Well guess what she found, cysts.  She stopped counting there were so many.  She told me that the pain I had in the middle of the night was most likely a cyst rupturing.  Since there were a few cysts larger than 3 cm we couldn't start on any fertility drugs.  Surgery was mentioned but I am a big sissy so I axed that idea and we decided to watch and wait.  I still went back and forth to the fertility clinic a couple of times a month for monitoring and to check my progesterone and cysts.  After 4 months of monitoring the Dr recommended surgery to remove the cysts and check for endometrosis.  I was tired of waiting so I agreed.
April 2012 I had surgery to remove the cysts and a little bit of endometrosis.  I was so scared, not of surgery but getting an IV.  Luckily I survived and I'm glad I had that IV, since the IV was the part of child birth I was most scared of.  Both times the IV was pain free.
After the surgery everyone thought I would get pregnant on my own.  A few months passed and nothing.  We thought about an IUI but weren't ready.  IUI's take up a lot of time with Dr appointments, my Dr was an hour away and when your body is ready you have to go to the Dr RIGHT THEN for your procedure.  We had some vacations planned so decided to wait until the end of the summer.

During that time I found things that I could control like my fitness and diet so I put a lot of energy into those things.  I started running more and started the class Body Pump.  I also started following the low Amylose diet.  I lost 12 lbs doing those two things but didn't get pregnant.   We decided to do the IUI in August and made the initial appointment.  That day I was feeling kind of weird about the appointment.  I wanted to try one more time on our own.  I told Eric that day during lunch and he said he was feeling the same way.  I cancelled that appointment because if the husband and wife have the same feelings about something like that you go with your gut!  I didn't get pregnant so we looked at the September calendar and all the dates were perfect for an IUI.  We would have an away football game around the time I thought the IUI would happen so that meant Eric could be stress free with work and be able to go to the appointment since he was a pretty important player in the whole thing.  ha.

I went back to ART and everything looked perfect to do the IUI.  We scheduled it for Friday Sept 28 but then the lady that was going to do the procedure realized she would be off that day so instead of having the IUI done in Montgomery we had to go to Birmingham.  I was kind of bummed because after seeing these nurses a couple of times a week for months you get very comfortable with them and being in their office.  But if we had to go to Birmingham we would and did.  We were already planning on driving through Birmingham that day anyway on the way to my parents house so it was perfect.  The only problem is we would have Claire with us.

Luckily the parking deck is cut into a mountain so it was cool and she did just fine staying in the car.  We would let her out and walk her between Dr appointments.  We got the phone call that everything was ready and looked great and come back inside for the procedure.  We put Claire back in the car and walked back to the hospital.  Then just like that Nurse Niecy shot me up and said good luck.  It was a quick and painless procedure.  Spoiler alert, it worked.

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

We were so fortunate to get pregnant after our first IUI.  I know many others don't have that same outcome so we were so thankful.
Looking back now I am soooooooo thankful that we went through a long wait of having a baby.  I wouldn't have told you that several months ago but that was before I met Dutch.  He is the most perfect baby (duh) and fits into our family so well.  Those 3 years of learning to give up control may have prepared us for a thing or two when it comes to having a newborn!

ps The fertility clinic we used was ART Fertility Program of Alabama, we used the satellite Montgomery office.  My Dr was Dr. Allemand.  I didn't see him very often, but really liked him.  Most of my appointments were with the CRNP, Sarah.  Loved her and the whole staff at ART Montgomery.  It was a bittersweet tearful day when I graduated to the regular OB.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dutch Goes To The Beach

We just got back from our first vacation with a baby, and all survived!  We did have family on the trip to help so I'm sure that made a huge difference.  But honestly it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I guess keeping my expectations of this being a trip not a vacation helped.

Fall is the most perfect time to visit the beach, no crowds, warm water, 87* weather.  The only bad thing is there is more of a chance you will have to deal with tropical weather.  Which we did, but the good news is the waves were bigger as a result.

Lots of fun and good seafood consumed.  We couldn't leave the Redneck Rivera without Dutch getting his first airbrushed shirt. ha.  You have no idea how much time we spent looking through the designs trying to find the worst one before we finally gave up and got the baby octopus.  Cute little redneck baby.
Dutch 12 weeks

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Coffee Table

A few months ago I had a piece of carpet bound as an area rug for our living room.  We had to take the coffee table out of the room to lay the carpet down (obvs) and noticed how much bigger the room felt without the coffee table.  Since then I've been on the lookout for something smaller than our 36" table.

The coffee table that I really want is the World Market Campaign coffee table.  This is the matching desk.  It would be the perfect coffee table except they don't make it anymore and it may actually be too deep.    I'm wondering if I could cut down the legs on the desk and make it work.

I'm also thinking about a table along these lines.  It doesn't have a drawer but does have a bottom shelf that I could house some of my junks on.  Plus it is pretty cheap.

Anyway while I am trying to decide I found this little gem at goodwill.  It is in pretty craptastic shape but for $12 it will do for now.  The marble top is cracked to all get out and it is stained but I'm doing some experiments to clean it up.

Eric ripped out that chippy wood out and I cleaned the top.  The photo below shows how the table top looked when we brought it home.  Trust me, so much worse than it looks in the photo below.  I think the table has been living outside because there was black grimy in the cracks and pits.

To clean the top I used a mixture of ammonia, water and baking soda.  I made a paste and covered with plastic wrap.  I let it sit for a couple of days until I had a chance to work on it again.  I was able to get all the black grimy out with a toothbrush and most of the lighter stains came out.  I read where someone sanded a piece of marble to get deeper into the stains.  I'm not sure if I'm invested that much in the table.  I still need to go around the edges with some Rub n' Buff and do something about the legs, but for $12 we are enjoying the extra space.

Still playing around with the top.  I need some more attractive coasters if they are going to be out all of the time and maybe a bowl for remotes and Dutch's passy that lives in the living room.  Any suggestions?

p.s. for a $12 table that ammonia mixture was fine.  The marble is honed so it didn't ruin the finish but it does look like it is scratched.  Anyway don't try this on your marble countertops!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dutch's Must List

Now that I've got 10 whole weeks of parenting under my belt (ha) I thought I would do a little Dutch's Must List. I enjoy seeing these on other blogs and thought it would be fun one day to look back on. We don't have very many musts. I don't like a lot of clutter in the house, so far I'm winning that battle. I know as he grows he will need more toys and things but for now these are working.

A) Fisher Price Rock n' Play. This thing is the best. We are using Dutch's cousin Bellarose's RnP so it is pink but Dutch doesn't care because he is too busy snoozing. He slept in it most every night until this past week.  Saturday he learned to roll on his side and is almost 25" long so I've been paranoid about him being in it. He slept better in his RnP than the pack and play (still not in his crib) and I think the reason is because it was snuggly so it felt like someone was holding him.  It is reclined so if your baby has reflux it would probably be good for that. The best part is it fold up so it is great for travel.  Below is his first time in the RnP.

B) Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer Little Snugabunny. Again Dutch loves this. Eric's coworkers gifted this to him when he was a week old and we've used it everyday since. I put him in it while I take a shower and he usually falls asleep. He loves the birds that hang down and squeals when we put him in it.  This is the first time he was in his bouncy at 1 week.

C) myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Machine and Projector. Not sure who loves this one more, Dutch or Eric. Every night Dutch lays in bed with Eric while I am cleaning up and they watch their "movies" on the projector. Dutch likes the heart beat sound and I love that it has a timer.

D) Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. I think this brand is on everyone's must list. Dutch is a super hot baby and would prefer to be naked all the time, even at night. I do swaddle him because he has crazy wild arms and these are good for that because they are so thin. We were fortunate enough to receive several of these blankets as well as the A+A bibs and burp cloths which we love. Oh and just to note, Dutch made the A+A "Jungle Jam" blanket cool before Prince George did.

E) Infantino Gogo Gaga Deluxe Twist Fold Gym. We've been using this since about 3 weeks. Dutch was obsessed with it at first and still enjoys playing on it... until I turn it into tummy time. I like that it isn't annoying kid fabric and it also fold us easily to store. But if I was going to go with an annoyingly colorful activity mat I would get the Fisher Price Piano Mat. Dutch loves his FP foot piano so I know he would love the mat and it would be 2 toys in 1.

F) Side snap and pull on shirts. Back to the super hot baby. Dutch would prefer to sleep without clothes but I feel like a bad mom for letting him sleep naked. He wears these most nights, I would say they are his signature style. They usually ride up and let his belly breathe so he likes them better than a onesie. I've got a lot of adorable sleepers and gowns that I wish he would wear, hopefully they will still fit in the fall.

G) Outdoor Rocking Chair. Again not sure if it is more for Eric or Dutch but rocking outside is another one of their "things". When we visited my parents at 4 weeks, they spent most of the visit outside rocking on the porch because Dutch was so content outside. The next day guess what was at my house. Right now we have a cheapie Walmart rocker, but may have to splurge on something more comfortable soon.  A lot of time is spent watching the hummingbirds from the rocking chair.

Honorable mentions:
Aden + Anais Sleeping Bag.  Since Dutch is out of the Rock n Play I am swaddling him less.  This morning when I went to wake him up he was on his side so the swaddle needs to go. We are too paranoid about using a blanket so these sleeping bags have been perfect.  Again a hot baby and these are one single layer of muslin so they are cool for him.

Puppy Baby Mat.  We received this as a gift and Dutch loves to lay on it while we play.  He usually has to kick Claire off of it first so I guess after he outgrows it, Claire will take over.

Hope these helped if you are going to have a baby soon.  What are some of your baby's must have's or do you know of anything Dutch is missing out on?
If you need me I'll be in a closet crying after looking at the photos when Dutch was such a tiny baby.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Football Season

Well it is that time of year again, football season.  Hopefully this year will yield a better outcome for the Auburn Tigers but if not at least we added to the roster at our house.  We had our yearly supper club picnic at the football stadium last week.  I think everyone's kids left worn out from all of the running they did.  Next year Dutch will be able to run around too but for now he has to settle on relaxing on Eric's grass.

As if we didn't get enough the next night we came back for an ice cream party.

(Dutch's shirt is an applique of the Toomer's Oak rolled!)

It is one rough life for that baby.

And then we got talked into heading up to the softball field Thursday night while Eric watered in the infield.

We didn't make it to the game Saturday night, instead Dutch and I made a trip to the lake.  Yes I'll probably post about that too because this may be a Dutch blog for a while.  Sorry for all of you that use to read This and That for other things besides baby.  Right now the only thing we have going on is baby so I don't have much else to write about, at least he is cute!
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