Friday, August 2, 2013

Pregnancy Portrait

Push presents.  Something that women made up to get another reward for carrying and giving birth to their baby.  I mean isn't the baby technically enough?  Yes but I wanted something to remember this special time so along came my Dutch keepsake (I like the sound of that better).  For Valentine's Day Eric gave me a pearl ring to represent Dutch's birthstone.  I love that ring and one day hope to give it to Dutch's wife.  And since my birthstone is a pearl as well I have a ton of pearl jewelry and was wanting something a little different.  We didn't have maternity photos made because I was afraid they would be like engagement photos, forgotten once the main event came along.  Instead Eric took a few snapshots of me one day when I was 36 weeks pregnant wearing his favorite dress I have.  For my Dutch keepsake this photo was turned into this painting by Sarah at Mad About Hue.

Sarah was so easy to work with and posted updates on her facebook page.  This is how the painting started and honestly I would have been happy with this sketch. 

Then I saw the photo on the left and thought my face is brown but then I saw the next photo and gasped because it looks just. like. me!

When she sent me an email with a photo of the final product I cried because it is so dang realistic.

Is it sort of weird to have a painting of yourself?  Maybe but this is one of my favorite possessions.  I hope that one day Dutch cherishes this portrait of just me and him.   I am so blessed to be able become pregnant.  Every day I would ask Eric can you believe I pregnant, look at this baby growing.  And everyday he would say do you forget everyday that you are pregnant because we have this conversation every day.  It was just amazing and I will always cherish the time that it was just "us" and I was the only one that Dutch knew and him growing inside of me was all that I knew. 
Eventually I would like to have the painting framed but for now she is in this frame from Hobby Lobby.  Getting to the frame shop is a little challenging these days!
If you are wanting a special portrait for your home please check out Sarah's shop Mad About Hue.  She is so easy to work with and posts updates on her facebook page so you can follow along.  How awesome would it be to have her mad skills. 


Kat said...

Wow...that's pretty dang impressive! What a beautiful keepsake. Of course the first thing I think of is, "Oh maybe that lady can paint my house!" Ugh...obsessed with house stuff, ya think?

amanda | wildly simple said...

That is the most beautiful keepsake. Ever.
She did an amazing job, and it's an amazing idea. Just beautiful!

Natalie said...


Hannah Dixon said...

Such a beautiful keepsake for a beautiful mommy! Love ya honey!

Amy Schultz said...

You look gorgeous and the painting is beautiful. Love it!

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Vanessa this is such a beautiful painting! And no, it is not weird to have a painting of yourself. Just the's a treasure and instant family heirloom. Beautiful!!

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