Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to Work

And just like that I'm back at work today and Dutch is enjoying his 1st day of daycare. (hopefully!)
haha he didn't look too excited this morning did he!

It feels like I was just on a week vacation and came back to work. I've come in a few times to work on a few things but it is odd to be at my desk again without a belly. I'm just kind of blah about being back at work. I have known all along that I would be back so I guess that makes it a little easier? I don't know, I can't do anything about it so there is no use in waisting my time worrying about it. With me working we can hopefully still go on good vacations with Dutch and send him to college.
gah hearts are melting everywhere with that smile!

But of course this past week Dutch has upped the cuteness. I've been able to get things done around the house because he is good at playing in his bouncy seat without me sitting beside him. Yesterday when I put him in it he started to squeel at the birds that hang down. It is really easy to get a smile out of him now and he loves to talk. Oh and he grew in his leg hair and can burp on his own. Important milestones for a man! I was just getting really comfortable taking him places and taking him on longer walks. He has gotten so snuggly so yesterday when he took a 3 hour nap on me I didn't mind one bit. Really going to miss this view.


Kat said...

Wow...a three hour nap on you! I think I could let Finn do that with me too but the other two might have something to say about it;) Hope you're having a good first day back at work. You can stare at that smiling pic of D all day long:)

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Aw he is SO darn cute...and that smile is precious.

It's tough leaving them at daycare...I remember. Hope you're doing ok and it all goes well. xo

emily said...

He gets cuter, every day!

Hugs to you for your first week back to work!

amanda | wildly simple said...

Kinda made me tear up..
But that smile!! Totally made me smile, too.

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