Thursday, July 18, 2013

2 week update

Just doing a quick check in.  We are all still alive and doing well.  Thanks for all of the emails asking how we are.  I am loving the season that our family is in right now.  I honestly thought that having a newborn would mean lots of crying (both me and him), weeks without showers, a dirty house and pure exhaustion.  Everyone always tells you the worst.  But so far it has been pretty awesome, but I do wonder where the day went.  Thanks to the bouncy seat I get a shower every day, Dutch is a pretty good baby and my house is clean all while still getting a lot of cuddle time with the baby.  Hopefully things will stay like this. Last night he only woke up once and I think he probably would have slept through that feeding but I had to wake him up.  I am breastfeeding and it is going great.  Dutch is an "efficient" eater, I am so fortunate in that.  Breastfeeding may be one of my most favorite things I've ever done and my child might be the 4 year old still sucking on his mama.  Dutch is up to 9.4lbs and has grown 3/4" in the past 2 weeks.
 For the past 3 hours he has been snoozing.  First he was sleeping on me, then Eric came home for lunch and wanted to hold him, and now he is sleeping in the hand me down rock and play from his cousin Bellarose.
The photo above was taken 5 days before Dutch was born.  It was our 8th wedding anniversary and
we spent the morning at the Dr office checking on our little guy.  It is still so odd that he was that bump. 

The photo below was taken yesterday and I'm wearing the same skirt but with my favorite summer accessory.  Eric's coworker brought back the I heart Irish onesie from his trip to Buffalo New York.  I promise Dutch loves his onesie!

That is about all I've got right now.  I'm working on my birth story and hope to post soon.  My camera died right after Dutch was born.  The ONE time I really needed it... dead.  Thankfully my sister was able to get some birth pictures with it before it died.  Hopefully the camera will be repaired soon so I can go through those pictures.  Oh and I've got a lot of questions asking if I was able to go med free.  Yes I was 100% med free.  Besides breast feeding it was the coolest thing I've ever done.  More on that later.  If you can think of any questions let me know and I'll try to address them in that post.
Thanks for reading!


Susan Canaan said...

Such a special post! I am so happy that things are going so well for you. It is such an awesome answer to prayer! I need to get back over there so I can get my hands back on Dutch. Plus, Calleigh and Sean have to meet him. I will call you soon!

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

You look fantastic girl! And Dutch is just beautiful. So thrilled for you that you're having such a great time and that you were able to have the exact kind of birth you wanted. God is good. xo

Shelley said...

I loved breastfeeding too! I did it a full year with Will and loved every second. He was ready to wean before I was! Love that you're doing that! So glad all is well...:) He is precious!

Diana Buchanan said...

Hello! I was searching the internet for posts about butcher block counters and I came across yours. It is a GREAT post! I then came to your recent posts and saw your sweet baby. Congratulations! I love the name. I'm happy to be a new follower! :)

alanna rose said...

He's wonderful! Congrats on joining the "Rockstar Club" (that's what my friends all call those of us who can make it through labor without drugs - it is an amazingly empowering experience!)
I'm going to start blogging again...from my new house. Life's been busy. Take care!!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm so so glad that all is going well! So happy for you!

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