Monday, June 17, 2013

Nursery Sign

Thanks for all of the complements last week on Dutch's nursery.  I got a few emails about the sign above his bed so I thought I would do a quick post on how we made it.

First of all do y'all watch the show Parenthood?  It is one of my favs, I just wish that their seasons were longer and I wish that I didn't cry EVERY episode.  Anyway the theme song to the show is Forever Young by Bob Dylan.  Any show is better with a theme song - the Mindy Project anyone?  Anyway several years ago I decided if we had a kid I was going to put part of that song in their room somewhere.

A few years later I'm having a baby and we made a sign with the first verses of that song.  It is my favorite verse of the song and one that I pray holds true for our boy. 

There are a lot of letters in those verses so I knew my sign was going to be pretty big.  I printed out the lyrics and then counted the letters and spaces in each verse then decided on what size the letters to be to get an idea on the size board I would need.  I did have a scrap 2'x2' piece of board but it ended up being too small.  Instead I bought a 2'x4' piece of birch leuon type board from Home Depot for $9.

While I was at HD I also bought the trim for the frame.  Since this would be hanging above the crib and we have plaster walls, I didn't want the sign to be heavy so I went with a light board and light trim.  This is the trim I chose.

 I stained the board with some random stain in the shed and called it good enough.  I didn't have enough for the trim and I wasn't going to buy more so we decided just to paint the trim to match the letters. 

I bought a 1" stencil at Hobby Lobby for the letters.  Since the stencil was opaque I made a grid on the stencil to help with alignment.  It didn't work so I cut the letters out with 1/4" on each side.  That didn't help either.  So I was able to find some vinyl letters poster letters at Walmart in the office supply section that I ended up using.  The letters came with both 1" and 2", we decided the 2" looked better.  To get the grid on the wood board we used chalk.  I wasn't working too well so Eric decided to use his chalk line which was a disaster (for future reference I told him it was a terrible idea).  Pencil worked the best.  Next I stuck on the letters and traced around them.  I think I chose the hardest route to get the letters on the board.  Of course after I was finished I came up with a couple of easier ideas.

After that I outlined the letters with a really fine paint pen and Eric went back over them with another paint pen.  Team work! 

After that Eric attached the trim and attached it to the wall. 

If you hang things over your kid's crib or bed please make sure it's properly secured to the wall.  Asthetics don't outweigh the consequence of something falling and injuring your baby.


Adeayu Hadijah said...

so inspiring! Really want to make it too!

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Lets just build a house! said...

it turned out wonderful and very sweet. now nice of your hubs to help too!

Kyler, Jennifer, Olivia and Lucy said...

It's beautiful! And something he can use for years to come.
Also LOVE the safety warning. I always think of that when I see things hanging over a crib.

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Luv this!!

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

LOVE this. This is the only theme song on TV that I actually sit and listen to (and sing along of course...and I too cry during every episode!). I absolutely love these lyrics.

How clever of you to think of making it into a beautiful sign, and of course you executed your idea to perfection.

You really have a great eye Vanessa and your style is awesome :) xo

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