Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dutch's Nursery

Well since we are just hanging out waiting on a baby I thought I should snap some pictures of Dutch's nursery before he gets here and turns functional.  Several months ago I made this board for the design and the nursery turned out pretty much just like the board. 

Eric wasn't too sure about a nursery that wasn't very babyish but he loves the room and so do I.  We both spend a lot of time in here just sitting and looking around.  Claire even loves the room and we find her sleeping on the rug beside his bed.  I hope that is a good sign or sisterly love!

It was hard to get good pictures in here because the room is so tiny, I think it is 9x9.  My belly sticks out about 13" so that only leaves about 8' to work with resulting in some blurry pictures. 

First up is this little corner where we like to hang out. We ended up going with the Beckner swivel glider by Best Chairs for our chair.  I'm not sure of the style of fabric but do know the color is mouse and is a little darker than the photo looks.  I'm glad we went with the swivel glider because the space is so small if we need to move the chair over we just swivel it around. The shutter is something we had in the shed and the antlers were Eric's first deer.  Don't worry they are attached very securly to the shutter which is very secure to the wall.  We may be a little over kill on making sure things don't fall off the wall.

 Our neighbor (who also make the adorable oil cloth basket and the quilt inside the basket) gave Dutch an unfinished Louisville Slugger bat.  Eric took it upon himself to make it a Dutch Slugger and burned the logo into the bat.  So adorable!  Still trying to decide where to put it on the wall so Dutch doesn't slug it through the window.

Across from the chair is the sweet bookcase my dad built.  It is a knockoff of the Pottery Barn Madison Bookrack.  I love it so much and it holds a lot of the books that I've bought over the years and some of my favorite books that I use to read.  The red barn was made by Eric's grandfather when Eric was a kid and Eric and Dutch's grandfather spruced it up a few months ago.  That little box of toys drives Claire crazy, she will just sit and cry for them because she knows they aren't hers. ha.

Next up is the crib.  My sister bought this crib a few years ago for us so it has just been waiting to do its thing.  I made the crib sheet from the pack of Target sheets, tired of hearing about those yet? I also did the crib skirt.  We chose not to have bumpers.  Sign made by me and Eric.

Here is another look at that side of the room.  Again tiny!  Oh and I also made the shades.  Post about that here

I really wanted something on the walls that at least had to do with kids.  I used the alphabet out of  The Golden Bunny.  Frames are from Target.  I wanted to have the mattes cut down because there is a header to the alphabet that the mattes cover.  I took them to a frame shop and the employee kept going on about how they were very nice expensive mattes and if he sold me new cut down ones of the same quiality they would be around $100.  I didn't tell him I just bought them at Target for $14 including the frames. In the end the mattes were too thick to be cut down so they cover the header. 

We found the dresser at a consignment store.  I love it and it is the perfect size.  The diaper caddy is from World Market and is hidden from view when the bedroom door is open.  All you see is the dresser 

This wall will probably change but I'm at the point now where I really don't care.  The frames have random people in them because they are from the thrift store.  Like so random a man is working a machine in a factory and the other is a girl with Ronald McDonald.  Waiting on photos of my boy to replace. 

Beside the dresser is the tiny closet but just enough room.  I think this baby is set up with clothes this year.  Sad thing is I think this only goes to 9 months.  I can't imagine having a girl, it is hard enough to say no to boy clothes.  See all of his long gowns and tiny bubbles, so sweet.  And can you tell I have a thing for stripes.

One more thing to show, his light.  I bought it years ago for $5 and held onto it.  Glad it worked perfectly for this space.

There you have it Dutch's nursery.  Now just watiing for a baby  to fill it up!

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Smokestack Grey
Crib Skirt Fabric: Bransuri Slate
Crib Sheet Fabric: Target Threshold Gray Stripe 
Rug: Target Threshold
Alphabet: The Golden Bunny
Bookrack Plans: Ana White

Thanks for reading!


Skye McLain said...

I love Dutch's nursery!! It turned out so cute! I wish I could take pictures of mine because right now half my laundry room is in there (our water heater has been broken for three weeks ((ARGH)) and we are waiting on the warranty company to replace it!)...

Anyways - your nursery is so cute! :) love it!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

super cute loving that wall color

The Ballard Family said...

Very nice! I love that it isn't too babyish. It will be so easy to transition to a toddler/little boy room! I pray your labor and delivery goes well. The end result is always worth it no matter how hard it is. From an Alabama girl living in California...War Eagle!

Kat said...

Love it! Love how everything was planned and thought through. This boy is so loved! And yeah, I'll say you're set for clothes for this little guy. Sheesh, girl! I feel like Finn has nothing. That's 'cause Dutch has them all;) Love love love that dresser. And how cute--Dutch Slugger. Eric's not gonna be a proud poppa, is he? ;) Can't wait to "meet" your little guy!

Angie said...

It's gorgeous, Vanessa! You did such a great job. What a beautiful place to welcome Dutch.

emily said...

I am in love! This is a perfect room for your sweet Dutch!

That bat is awesome! I'm sure Eric wasn't the least bit excited to receive/brand that one! ;)

Jessica Brown said...

Super cute!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This entire room is perfection. I love every part. The shutter is so cute and a fun place to hang clothes or other accessories. (Or, you know burp clothes for middle of the night.) I love love the oilcloth basket so much. And the sign above the crib? Fabulous. That saying actually made me tear up. Also loving that there are random people in the frames. Hilarious but makes total sense to wait for your sweet baby.

Just awesome!

Lets just build a house! said...

i really really like this. it's not too 'little baby boy" ish. but still perfect for a baby boy...hope that makes sense! I really love it. so cute! i especially love the sweet touches of the book case your dad built and the old barn from your husbands childhood!

Brakes and Gas said...

What a perfect room for your little man! It positively seeps with love! I especially love his library. The vintage "Babies" book is the first book both of my daughters took an independent interest in. I know it by heart and you soon will too. I'm very happy for you and your family!

alanna rose said...

It's lovely!
I've been bad at blogging and keeping in touch with people lately, but I have been thinking about you - wishing you all the best! Can't wait to see a pic of sweet little Dutch :)

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

GORGEOUS! I love that it feels "collected"...everything was collected over time and fits together perfectly. You guys did a great job! :)

Natalie said...

cute cute cute..cant wait to see the little guy who will be living in it :)

Sarah said...

I adore your nursery! Congrats!

The Halls said...

Vanessa, the nursery is perfect! I'm sure you're getting pretty anxious for Dutch to make his arrival- so happy for you :)

The Halls said...
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Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Aww Vanessa, this is about the sweetest nursery I've ever seen! I LOVE that everything in it has special meaning or is handmade especially for your boy. The love is ooozing out of this little space...perfect and cozy. Aren't you glad it's not too babyish? I think it's perfect.

Love that Eric's first deer is on the wall. And that bat is fantastic...keepsake for life. And the bookcase made by your dad and the red bard with all its history...just so awesome.3

The sign you made is brilliant...I see your post on the making of it so I will comment there.

I'm so excited for you to fill up this room with baby! xo

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