Friday, June 21, 2013

40 weeks

Today I am 40 weeks pregnant!  I feel really good so I can't complain about being miserable.  Of course I pee 8 times a day and 5 times a night and that isn't exactally a good way to get sleep.  Yes it is so ridiculous we counted the other day.

(this skirt is from old navy.  non maternity but the best because it has a huge band so you can wear it over or under your belly! )

This pregnancy has gone by so fast.  I was sick until week 17 so I am glad to have that out of the way and was afraid that I would end the pregnancy sick.  But nope!  I've made it out (so far) without stretch marks or swollen face, legs, and feet.  As long as my nose doesn't stretch I'm happy.  My belly grew 2.5" this week so I'm sort of scared where this could end up if he isn't born soon. 

We are ready for the baby to be here.  It has been a strange summer.  Usually we are gone at least 2 weekends a month and have company often.  But this summer we've been parked.  Every weekend.  And it is kind of borning.  We've been spending a lot of time with Claire which may not be a great thing.  The other night Eric told her we were going on a date and would be home soon and she ran to her cave and pouted.  I can't make that up, but she knows change is coming. 

Last week I bought this tent top to wear as a swimsuit cover up.  I know several months ago I confessed my love for the maxi dress as a pregnant woman, but this short moo mooish top is the best thing ever.  I wore it all last weekend and even to the store.  It makes me look huge which I sort of like because people say "getting close" instead of your baby must be tiny.  I feel so old school pregnant since this is something that my mom would have worn when she was pregnant back in the day.
Barefoot, pregnant, and wearing a tent!

There is a full moon this weekend so hoping Dutch shows up!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

You look fab mamma! That little one will be here before you know it!!

emily said...

40 weeks!!! You look amazing! Come on Dutch! Can't wait to meet him.

(and I LOL'd at the barefoot/pregnant/tent comment. Hilarious!)

amanda | wildly simple said...

You look awesome!
With my 2nd pregnancy, I was induced at 41 wks. With my third, I opted not to be induced (because our twins - pregnancy #1- were graduating from kindergarten the day our doctor wanted to do it.) Lilly arrived 9 days past her due date. So much better without being induced!

Both my husband & I have birthdays within the summer solstice week.. having a June birthday as a kid rocked! :)

Wishing you a smooth & speedy delivery - soon!!

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