Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dutch's Baby Shower v2.0

This past Sunday was my baby shower in my hometown.  I was hoping it would be a simple shower because big events like this make me nervous.

Before we left my sister warned me that there were a lot of gifts and to just prepare myself because I would probably be overwhelmed.  She was right.

With all of those gifts to open I needed some helpers.  Dutch's big cousins were more than happy to help.  Baron asks about every 5 minutes what Dutch is doing and every time I opened an outfit that Chloe Beth's brother had she said "we HAVE to get their pictures together in their matching outfits". ha!

Here are some of the sweet clothes that were given to us.  In the south dressing your children is a big deal.  Even boys wear sweet little bubbles and lace.  Dutch mostly got bigger sizes at this shower so he will be good to go for a couple of years!

Lots of sweet gowns and sleepers.  Babies in gowns are my favorite and between our 2 showers, hand me downs and my purchases I think I have enough for Dutch to wear a different gown every day for the first few months of his life.  We didn't have any sleepers so I was really thankful to get several of them in bigger sizes to grow into. 

Stocked on blankets, little toys, towels and other fun goodies.

This handmade and hand embroidered bib is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen.  A keepsake for sure, drool will never touch this one.

Along with the fun things we also got lots of essentials.  There is only 1 thing on my registry that I don't have!  We are blessed for sure!

My mom and her sisters with my sisters.

Eric's mom and sister came from Texas, but his mom was sick so I didn't even get a photo with her.  These are Eric's brother's wife and Eric's sister.

 Thank you from coming from Memphis Elizabeth and Evie!  I was so happy you were there!

Now everything has found a place in our tiny house and tinynursery.  Just waiting on a tiny person to make his appearance! 6ish more weeks to go.


Sarah said...

LOVE your dress and all of those outfits are adorable! D will be a well-dressed little guy!

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emily said...

You are too cute!

I'm glad you got almost everything you need for Dutch!

Love those bubbles/smocked outfits!

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

You and your families are adorable! Love all the sweet baby clothes. You are blessed indeed!

Have a nice Mothers Day since you are technically already mothering that sweet boy!


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