Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It Only Took 8 Years

but I finally made an E and V quilt!  After making 8 quilts for niece/nephews/friends/my baby I am so happy to have finished this project for us and especially before the baby comes because babies care about these kind of things.

I really wanted to do a triangle quilt.  I cut it with my 90* triangle from college so it ended up being squares.  duh.  But the good news is I keep getting better at craftsmanship and all of my points match up perfectly on this quilt. 

I used two Heather Bailey fabrics Nicey Jane Picnic Bouquet Lagoon and Church Flowers Blue.  The green with tiny white dot is something I picked up at Walmart about 5 years ago and the grey ticking is from the Target sheet set that I used for Dutch's quilt and crib sheet.  I even used the pillowcase from that sheet set to make Claire her own blanket so now we all have something with the same fabric. ha!  The stripe at the top and bottom of the quilt are from a vintage sheet from Eric's Nana.  She was  known for her love of Estee Lauder's Youth Dew and even though she had not lived in her house for about 7 years the Youth Dew smell on this sheet was suffocating.  So I washed the sheet about 5 times and put it out in the sun, even used bleach and you can still get a whiff of the Youth Dew. 
I wanted to use the vintage sheet for the quilt backing since it was super soft but it wasn't big enough so I used another Target sheet.

I know Justin Beiber says Never Say Never but I will probably never again quilt a quilt 9 months pregnant during the month of May in Alabama.  Oh my gosh I was so hot.  I wanted to do a vertical and horizonal line for quilting but it was so hot so I only did the horizontal quilting.  I may try to go back and do the vertical quilt one day but this is good enough for now. 

Claire approved

On an unrelated note does anyone out there have one of these little 2 serving ice cream makers?  I really want an ice cream maker but since I'm the only one in the house to eat ice cream I'm thinking about getting one of these.  Does it work and make homemade ice cream like the big ice cream makers?

Actually I'm not the only one in our house who loves ice cream, Dutch does too.  We recently took a detour to the Blue Bell factory the other day to make him happy.  He was very happy! Hello 50 cent scoops, I'll take 4.

Another unrelated note.  Last week I printed off our photos from June 2012-May 2013.  Over 500 of them! Phew.  Anyway I was sad about a lot of them because I've become so reliant on using my iphone to take pictures, not my good camera and it made me sad because they looked like phone pictures.  I've recommited to using my real camera again when possible even thought  it is annoying to lug around.  Just thought you needed that PSA today, don't waste all of your photos on a crappy phone camera. 

One more, does anyone have video camera (are they still called that) recommendations?  I've got a pretty big event coming up in about 3 weeks and I'm wanting to make sure I've got a camcorder charged and ready to go.

Friday, May 17, 2013

State Dish Towel

Between my 2 baby showers I had to give 26 hostess gifts.  I would love to be able to get something super nice for each hostess, I know how much time, energy and money goes into throwing a shower.  But the reality is I don't have enough monies to make that happen.  For me handmade items mean so much.  If someone takes the time to make something for me that means more than any gift that can be purchased at the store.    So I cranked out 26 gifts from my sewing machine.

I needed something that would pretty much appeal to 26 different women.  I may not know what style scarf or necklace they would prefer but I do know that we all live in Alabama and everyone needs at least 1 kitchen towel in their house.  Right?

These were super simple to make.  I just found an image of Alabama on google images and printed it out.  Traced around it BACKWARDS 26 times on heat and bond then ironed that onto my fabric.   A little zig zag stitch around the great state and you are finished.  These would also be cute with some rick rack or ruffles but simple was my goal. :)

I didn't want to just give a towel so I added some hand soap.  Bath and Body Works was having a 6 for $20 sale so I racked up there. 

Wrap it up tie a bow and boom you are finished. 

If you have the time to wait on shipping Groopdealz and Very Jane have some great gift options for little $.  They have new items everyday, just make sure you read the fine print on how long it will take for them to ship.

With all of those hostess gifts I have to write a lot of thank you notes.  142 so far.  I've been waiting on my special stamps to come in to mail the cards.

Anyone know why I chose Ronald Reagan stamps?  First one to get it right (that I havent' already told) gets a little prize!  Make sure your email is attached to your comment so I can contact you.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vacation 2013

Eric and I went on a little vacation last weekend.  This vacation was a lot different from the ones we've taken the past few years.  It involved no airplane and no walking.  Even though we've been to the beach a million times, this time just the two of us went.  A first for us.
Of course on the last day the sun was shining like crazy.  We went out at 7am to catch a few rays before check out.  I am just now starting to learn about childbirth so listening to the waves and trying to compare them to a contraction was important to me.  Kind of weird, but the analogy helps me.  I haven't mentioned my desire to have a med-free birth to many people because they start to act like you are dogging them for having an epidural or just crazy but I'm going to TRY med free.  If anyone out there has been successful and has some tips please pass them along!  And yes this book was sort of weird and scary.

Saturday morning we mostly stayed inside waiting for the rain to stop and I wrote thank you notes.  We decided to catch the matinee of The Great Gatsby since the weather was pretty yuck.  Oh people I've been waiting for this movie since 2010 and it was my #1 thing to do before I had the baby.  I read the book every year and it was amazing how closely the movie followed the book.  After the movie we ate lunch and I may have had the best sweet tea of my life.  We hurried home to catch a little sun while it was out and the clouds came back.  It was cold but we sat on the beach wrapped in towels dang it. 

When you go on vacation alone there are a lot of self portraits.

On this trip I wanted so badly to eat at Another Broken Egg and Dusty's, get a tan, and swim in the ocean with my baby.  Well only the first 2 were accomplished.  I came back pale and the ocean was so extremely cold.  But Dusty's fried shrimp was so delicious and I smiled the whole time eating my southwest scramble from ABE.  Oh and they gave me a chocolate covered strawberry for Mother's Day!
I also wanted a pregnant silhouette picture.  The second we stepped on the beach the sun went behind solid clouds.  Oh well we are just blessed to be able to go to the beach!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dutch's Baby Shower v2.0

This past Sunday was my baby shower in my hometown.  I was hoping it would be a simple shower because big events like this make me nervous.

Before we left my sister warned me that there were a lot of gifts and to just prepare myself because I would probably be overwhelmed.  She was right.

With all of those gifts to open I needed some helpers.  Dutch's big cousins were more than happy to help.  Baron asks about every 5 minutes what Dutch is doing and every time I opened an outfit that Chloe Beth's brother had she said "we HAVE to get their pictures together in their matching outfits". ha!

Here are some of the sweet clothes that were given to us.  In the south dressing your children is a big deal.  Even boys wear sweet little bubbles and lace.  Dutch mostly got bigger sizes at this shower so he will be good to go for a couple of years!

Lots of sweet gowns and sleepers.  Babies in gowns are my favorite and between our 2 showers, hand me downs and my purchases I think I have enough for Dutch to wear a different gown every day for the first few months of his life.  We didn't have any sleepers so I was really thankful to get several of them in bigger sizes to grow into. 

Stocked on blankets, little toys, towels and other fun goodies.

This handmade and hand embroidered bib is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen.  A keepsake for sure, drool will never touch this one.

Along with the fun things we also got lots of essentials.  There is only 1 thing on my registry that I don't have!  We are blessed for sure!

My mom and her sisters with my sisters.

Eric's mom and sister came from Texas, but his mom was sick so I didn't even get a photo with her.  These are Eric's brother's wife and Eric's sister.

 Thank you from coming from Memphis Elizabeth and Evie!  I was so happy you were there!

Now everything has found a place in our tiny house and tinynursery.  Just waiting on a tiny person to make his appearance! 6ish more weeks to go.
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