Monday, April 29, 2013

Randoms from the weekend

Today I thought I would do a random weekend post (that intrests only me) since we only have about 9 max of these left without a baby and I'm sure one day we will look back and laugh at how "busy" we thought we were.  Through the foggy lens of an iPhone:

We are trying to knock out some house projects that have been dragging before the baby comes.  One of them has been to finish the non sodded part of the back yard.  We are getting there.  Claire loves new plants because she gets to help water. 

Saturday morning there was a race that finished on the 50 yard line of the football field.  Claire and I walked up to the stadium Saturday morning to watch our friends finish.  She said why waste your time running when you can just ride around on the gator. 

After the race I came home and got started cutting out fabric for my next quilt.  It is an E & V quilt.  I wanted to make a triangle quilt and I thought I was so smart using my right angle triangle from college to cut my triangles until I was finished and realized that 2 right angle triangles = a square. Ugh.

I also tried to work on a sign for the baby's room but it was pretty impossible with stencils that aren't transparent. Who makes those?  Probably the same person that buys them.  I think we found an alternative and my goal this week is to finish that sign and layout the quilt.

This is pretty random but we tried out our new pineapple cutter.  It is pretty awesome and so much easier that the old way of cutting a pineapple.  Doesn't that empty pineapple look so cool.

Last night we made a quick trip to Walmart to buy the Lion King before it goes into the "vault" tomorrow.  I remember when I was little my Nana was buying me a Disney movie for my b'day.  Much to my sisters' dismay I chose Bedknobs and Broomsticks over The Little Mermaid.  What was I thinking, anyway The Little Mermaid got locked in the vault and we were never able to get it.  Not gonna happen again!

So anyway we got the movie and Eric found a jackpot sale on some fishing lures.  While he was looking at them I wandered over and found this slip covered ottoman for $5!  I can't even make the slipcover for that!
You can see the steps behind the ottoman, those are for Claire and there is about 8" between them and the wall.  It is getting harder for me to squeeze by so we are going to put the ottoman there instead.  Somehow she can jump straight up in the air about 6' but can't jump on a bed. 

 In parent training news Claire was up at 3 am because of an ear ache.  See first photo.  I am pretty proud that we got out of bed and diagnosed the problem.  Ok it wasn't really that hard, she was pawing at her ear and it was really red but we were able to give her correct med and she was back to sleep.  Me not so easy but this is the life I shall get use to.  I overslept this morning but Claire was lucky and got to stay in her cave and not go to work.

  She is like lady if you don't turn that light off...

Well I'm off to the Dr to check on my body and baby.  32 weeks 3 days along and still trying to squeeze into regular clothes.  I did unbutton the sleeve because it was too tight on my arm. :( arm fat is hard to lose yall.

 have a great week!


emily said...

Hope Claire feels better.

You look great. This pregnancy seems to be flying! I hope you're doing well.

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Wow final countdown is on, can't wait to see the quilt when your done. Great score on the ottoman

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

You look fantastic. Can't believe how far along you are already. Easy for me to say ;)

And btw "arm fat" (which it doesn't look like you have ANY) is just water weight and will disappear after the sweet baby comes :)

Have a great night!

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