Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Final Roll

after 2010 SEC championship

Today is a sad day in Auburn.  The Toomer's Oaks were taken down.  If you don't know the history of the trees, it is a tradition at Auburn University to roll the 2 oak trees that stand on the corner of campus right in the middle of downtown after an Auburn victory.  Sadly a couple of years ago the trees were poisoned with 50x the lethal amount of herbicide by an Alabama fan and the rest is history.  I know that trees are trees and there are other things that are more important but when you are an Auburn alum, fan or resident those trees represent so much more. 
The day after Auburn won the National Championship as soon as we got in from Arizona we went home and picked up Claire and went downtown to roll Toomers.  It was amazing!  The trees looked like this for several days.

Even though the trees will be gone before our kids get to roll them, my nephew has been taught how to toilet paper trees on the best of them!

At least we got our 2010 SEC Championship and National Championship year in before the trees were killed. 

So Saturday after A-Day there was a "final roll" of these trees which look like big sticks because they are dead.  Over 83,000 were at A-Day but I'm not sure how many were downtown.  We'll just say a lot.

I love this night shot it looks like snow was everywhere.

We wanted to go on Saturday but I was exhausted from growing a human and Eric was tired too but he had just been at work all day.   We could hear the band at our house so we just pretended we were there and watched the webcam.  Sunday morning at 6:30 we went for our final roll.  Since Dutch won't get to roll these trees I wanted him to at least have a photo so I took his first Auburn shirt.

The streets looked like a snow plow had come through and put all of the tp on the sidewalks.
There was still a ton in the trees, but all of the long streams had fallen on the ground.  The guys cleaning up were rolling this toilet paper ball around like a huge snow ball. 

This morning the trees are being cut down so I walked over  to see for myself. 

Our walks downtown just won't be the same.

Lets leave this on a happy note, guess who I got to see last month.  Cam, Yep he was filming a commercial at the stadium and I just "had to stop by Eric's office".  When I see commercials with athletes I always wonder if they are really running as fast as it looks or is their footwork that fast.  I'm not sure about everyone else but the answer for Cam is yes.  He was incredibly fast and his body is a straight up chiseled muscle.  Plus he was really nice and bought smoothies for everyone.

They said we would be edited out of the background shots, but just in case they didn't look for me in an under armor commercial! ha!


Caroline H said...

I wanna be you when I grow up. So jealous you got to see Cam.

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Vanessa I was thinking of you guys as I watched this happen on twitter and espn. So freaking sad! I still cannot believe that jerk poisoned those beautiful oaks. I hope he was punished sufficiently.

Are they going to plant new trees? I hope so.

On a happier note, your pictures for Dutch are adorable :)

Kat said...

So sad:( But I love the belly shot! And I'll be lookin' for ya on Cam's commercial;) That would be SO funny if you were in it;)

Lori said...

So sad. We were in AU for travel ball a few weeks ago and took my boys by one last time. So cool about cam!

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