Thursday, March 28, 2013

Master Bedroom Wall O' Curtains

Last week Eric decided that he wanted to put new hardwood floors in our bedroom so Saturday that is what he did.   Since the room was cleared out I took the time to wash our wall o' curtains and I thought it would be a good time to answer the questions we get about that wall.

Here is how our bedroom looked when we moved in. This room use to be a garage and has concrete plaster walls, hence the conduit piping. ugh
 We painted the room green and lived like this for several months until I started to want something different because this was pretty boring.  Plus having the bed in front of the window without anything else was getting on my nerves.  I thought about curtains but then I thought why don't we just cover that whole wall instead since we don't use those windows.  Don't worry we have 2 other windows in the room that let in a lot of natural light. So in January 2010 I decided to make a curtain wall to cover up the windows that were being blocked by our bed. Our room is exactly 10' wide so we used a 10' piece of skinny pvc pipe as the curtain rod and just popped it into the curtain rod brackets we already had up.

 I used "dressmaker's cloth" from Hobby Lobby to make the curtains. With my 40% off coupon it was really cheap for a whole wall of curtains. I didn't want stark white but not unbleached cotton and this fabric is a good in between not a too dark natural color. I didn't sew the sides, just kept the selvage edges but you don't see them with the flow of the curtain. **Make sure to prewash and dry your fabric because when you wash it again it WILL shrink several inches when you wash it again to remove dust.
To finish off the top and cover the pvc pipe we used a 1x6 attached with L brackets to the ceiling studs. We then put matching molding, a 1x2 to tie in with the rest of the room.

The 1x6 is just attached with L brackets.
I have a thing about all of my windows on the front of the house looking the same.  Since the windows were covered by white they stood out when you saw the front of the house.  I fixed that problem by safety pinning some old brown panels to the matchstick blinds. ha.  From the front of the house all you see is black with a few inches of white peeking out on either side, just like the rest of our windows. 
After the curtains went up the green wall didn't look too great so I repainted to match the curtains.  I ran out of paint as you can see in the above photo and didn't paint the curtain wall. You can also see the new floors in the photo above. 

 After the walls were painted this is how the room looked.  I change my bedding about twice a year so it didn't look like this for long.  I think it is so much prettier with the curtain wall.

And after the curtains had been washed, steamed and put back up on Sunday.  If you didn't want any light shining through your window you could use black out lining.

See different bedding.  The shams and duvet are from Ikea and I am probably going to add something else, the bed just looks empty.  The new lamps are from Target last fall $15 on clearance!  Having the wall painted white makes it so easy to switch out the bedding so I am really happy I went that route.

Ok hope to have some pics of the new floors soon.  We had to have an old gas connection removed yesterday so we could put up a baseboard so as soon as that is up I will snap some pics.  But people the new floors are so much better and our room is so cozy now.


Kat said...

So you did get the Ikea bedding;) Love the wall o' curtains...that's a great tip to keep in mind if you have an awkward space.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Looks wonderful! You've done so much with the space!!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

love the wall of curtains, I like the idea of hanging that little painting in there cute idea

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

At first I thought I was liking it better without the wall of curtains. Not anymore. I LOVE how you did that, including the board to cover the rod...very clever.

It looks your new bedding too!

And can I just say you are one lucky girl to have a husband who CAN and WILL install a new hardwood floor! Fantastic!!!

Lets just build a house! said...

I LOVE IT! beautiful!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is so pretty! Love the curtain wall idea. Really makes a difference.

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