Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm sad that this blog sat empty again for another week.  Here is my excuse.  We had company during the daylight savings time and combine that with growing a human plus a very busy week at work and it makes for a very tired Vanessa.  I think I'm about back to normal, I hope so.  I really want to be a good blogger but I'm struggling with what to post.  I do wish I had blogged more about this pregnancy but I struggle with posting too much about ME.  Everyday life seems pretty normal but maybe that is boring to read about.  It is the everyday details that I want to remember years for now so maybe I will stick to that and if it is boring to some then just don't read it? 

So now for some everyday life.
Some of our dearest couple friends (in chevron shirt) who are also having a baby are moving in a few weeks so last weekend I helped host a baby shower for them.  Their son and our son will only be a few weeks apart so that makes it even harder that they are leaving.  We had big plans for our maternity leave, but for now we will just enjoy comparing pregnancy notes and not think about how things would have been :(. 
Her shower was so cute and the building was so pretty and perfect to spread out in. 

We had a lot of great food, one of my contributions was TGI Friday's Black Eyed Pea and Corn Salsa. If you need a quick dip or side item this is your winner.

Yum so good.  This makes a ton so I should have split the recipe but the leftovers have been enjoyed. 


Heather Christensen said...

You look adorable and the salsa looks delicious! Where did you get your dress?

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Well you certainly have a legit excuse for being tired. Sorry your friend is moving away :(

We like reading posts about YOU so don't hesitate to share.

Glad to hear you and your baby boy are feeling well :) xo

vanessa said...

Thanks Heather! I got the dress at The Pink Room a boutique in my town but they have a facebook page and ship. I think the brand is Hello There.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vanessa, never worry that you blog too much about yourself... that's what your blog is about, YOU! Growing a human is no small feat and these next 3 months are going to be even more exciting so don't be afraid to blog about it! Treat your blog like a conversation with your girlfriends, which we are and just talk. And if you don't have anything to say, then don't feel pressured to blog... easy peasy! Hope this helps some?!
Beth P

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