Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quilt For My Baby

Several weeks ago I went shopping with my sister for quilt fabric for the baby.  It was before we announced we are having a boy so I had to act like I was buying fabric for a friend's baby quilt, it worked. 
Unfortunately the store I bought the fabric from is closing, super sad because it is an awesome store.  But the good part is the fabric was 20% off. 
I wasn't really sure what fabric I wanted to use for MY baby's quilt.  There are about a million and one choices and having it be your own kid makes it even harder.  Hopefully this will be just the start of Dutch's quilt collection from his momma. 
In the end these are the fabrics I went with. My fav green color with tiny deer, a pretty aqua design, orange geo, light yellow and a grey dot.  Hopefully it will look ok, I didn't want it to be too baby because I want him to love this quilt forever but I didn't want it to be too manly because I am making it for him while dreaming about his baby life!

After picking out fabrics, the design was the other hold up.  I didn't want it to be hard and it needed to hide imperfections so I went with this as my pattern inspiration.

 which is taken off of this quilt pattern

This will be my 10th quilt and I have never properly cut out a quilt.  Therefore they are usually not squared up but they are homemade and for someone to spend time making you anything means a lot.  Imperfections and all.  Plus I am not perfectionist (cough cough binding).
So anyway all that to say that I found a good tutorial on how to cut blocks with a rotary cutter.  I won't tell y'all how I've cut in the past.  This right way saved me a lot of time and was actually fun.  It took a few nights but all of the blocks are cut, matched up and I have my center diagonal line drawn for easier sewing. I'm hoping to get started sewing this week. 

Another thing that made cutting out the quilt easier and better was my trash bag.  Several weeks ago a friend and I took an heirloom techniques sewing class and our teacher had paper sacks taped to each work station for our strings and other fabric trash.  It was so nice not to have strings all over you getting in the way and there was no clean up.  One of those why didn't I think of that moments for sure! 

Any of you more experienced quilters have any tips to share?


Red Gate Farm said...

It's going to be fabulous! I'm just a wannabe quilter myself... I've made 5 quilts so far but they certainly weren't perfect! The tip about the trash bag is a good one... after all my years of sewing and having bits all over this is a keeper :) and I can't believe I didn't think of it myself.


Karen said...

Your baby boy is sooooo lucky! He's gonna have some awesome quilts to snuggle with and a lifetime of sweet memories :)

Love the fabrics you have chosen!


Kat said...

It's gonna look great, V! Loving all the fabrics you chose. Are they flannel? They kinda look soft from what I can tell. Living in the PA Dutch Country, I see plenty of "country" quilts. Not a fan. I DO love these modern quilt patterns though! Again, I wish I sewed:/ Dang it.

Deborah said...

Is Dutch going to be the baby's name?

Deborah said...

PS I love the fabrics you chose. And my mom taught me to sew with a trashcan at my workstation. :-) Works wonders!

vanessa said...

Thanks everyone! Hopefully the fabric will translate well onto the quilt.
@ Kat- Fabric isn't flannel but it is super soft.

@ Debroah- Yes his name will be Dutch!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Great fabric choices & love the pattern

Deborah said...

Vanessa---what a unique name! I've never met anyone named Dutch before. So exciting!

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