Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nursery Plans

When I found out that we were having a baby my brain froze in the nursery dept.  I had bought some fabric a couple of years ago for a boy or girl and I still love it but when we found out boy I was wanting something more manly.

I had bought some fabric last year for living room pillows but that didn't work out so my thought was to use it in the baby's room.  Then I started feeling bad because the room would look more like a living room instead of a baby room, so I switched back to the original fabric.  But then I wasn't loving that and did I really want to waste money and time on something I didn't love, even if it was just for a few years?  Back to the more mature fabric we went and this is where we are today.

The walls have been painted Smokestack Gray by Benjamin Moore, the background of this board.  It is a pretty color, the perfect amount of blue. We were going to go almost white but then this paint card fell out of my paint deck and it was perfect.  I think God was telling me to paint the room dark so the baby will sleep better so I will be a nicer parent and person so then I will be more of a light for God if I'm not as tired and grumpy, right?

1) Crib Skirt fabric is Kravet Bansuri Slate.  I think I only have enough for a crib skirt and I'm using this method. Should I line it? I'm not doing a bumper.

2) Shade fabric is Braemore Spice Market Ikat Putty.  I haven't decided if I am doing roman shades or adhering to roller shades.
I haven't decided on a panel fabric yet if I do the roller shades.

3) Crib is a Jenny Lind crib that my sister bought for us several years ago.  I was originally wanting to paint it a color but with this nursery plan it looks best white. 

4) The Chair oh the chair. The chair that Eric really really wants is so dang expensive.  We have a lot of time to decide so this one is still up in the air.  The chair pictured is one I like it's the Nava by Best Home Furnishings and about a 1/3 of the price.  Turns out that money isn't the biggest factor in this decision space is. I'll probably post more about this in the next few weeks.

5) The light fixture is one I picked up at the thrift store a few years ago for $6!  It does need a plate at the bottom of the light to cover wires but I hope that can be fixed with a trip to the lighting store.  The antique brass looks so good with the wall color. 

6) Pottery Barn wall bookshelf made by my daddy via these plans.

7) Threshold Jute Criss Cross Rug in 5x7 from Target.  Mine was only $33!

8) The dresser was purchased yesterday.  I was wanting something a little darker but when I saw this little guy I knew the clean lines would be perfect.  The best part- the drawers work great and we got it for $50 off!  I'm not sure if the changing pad and diapers etc will fit on top so I may look into getting one of these carts. ps don't look at the wall color around the dresser, it isn't accurate at all.

I am going to try to bring more babyness into the room with art so I'm looking around.  Everything I'm drawn to has a dog and I don't want to do that because I think his big boy room will be about dogs. I have a thing for old children's books so I may spend some time looking through them to see if they would be good art.  More updates coming soon- I hope.


Malia said...

I've been behind on commenting but congrats on having a boy! I hear you on the chair. Our original plan was to reupholster an old lazy boy recliner my husband had (it's not one of the super puffy kinds, more streamlined) so I bought the fabric at 20% for $120. I've done the top portion but at 32 weeks I'm loosing steam to finish the bottom. We started looking at just buying one, but I just can't do it. All the nice ones are so darn expensive and not to mention we already spent the money on the fabric! So I'd love to hear your findings on a chair, just in case the bottom never gets finished...

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

A beautiful plan. Can't wait to see it!

Kat said...

LOVE the dresser! Is it antique? And I think that IKEA cart would be perfect for baby stuff--great idea!

Natalie said...

considering my last two nurseries were "big kid" baby nurseries, i love this look!!! good choices v. smart keeping the crib white i think. ive found you spend so much time in the nursery you want it to be COMFORTABLE. try the original mother goose book for great framable nursery rhymes...i had the book when i was little and loved the pictures. they sell those prints at restoration hardware and on etsy but before those all came out i just cut mine out of a book i bought on ebay {there was no way i was going to cut them out of my childhood book}. also consider hanging some sweet baby clothes or something to make it more "baby." :) decorating the shelves will help too! and stuffed animals. cant wait to see it come together!

Red Gate Farm said...

I love it! It's going to be fabulous. I really like the neutraly (is that a word) sort of nurseries that are popular right now.... and that dresser is fabulous! And that light fixture if fantastic as well :)

If you don't follow this blog ( you should check it out. She has a young baby and her nursery ideas have some similarities to your idea board plus she and her husband are diy kind of folks....

Red Gate Farm said...

PS oh and that IKEA cart is on my wish list too :)

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

Love it!! My favorite line was: "I think God was telling me to paint the room dark so the baby will sleep better so I will be a nicer parent and person so then I will be more of a light for God if I'm not as tired and grumpy, right?" Ha! I know EXACTLY what you're talking about as I have a sweet little 3-month old. :)

I used that same method to make a crib skirt for MK (Erika of Urban Grace Interiors used it, too!) and it is awesome! Super easy to make and I love that it can be raised/lowered depending on the height of the mattress. I used a light pink fabric (actually a thrifted sheet) and didn't line can't tell at all. :)

Have fun putting the nursery from "paper" into the real room!!

Rachel Anderson said...

your paint color reasoning just made my day :) congrats on your little blessing!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm so excited to see this come together. I love all your choices in the room and I love that it will be a really classic room for your little guy. We have that bookshelf and it is awesome. Holds so many books. Of course, my child only wants to eat books, so that's a challenge. I sure hope he want to actually read a book someday.


Angie said...

I love your nursery plan! It reminds me just a bit of my little girl's nursery, with a masculine twist. Pictures here:

And I think you will be pleased with the Best glider. The chair in our nursery is Best, and it is super comfortable and still looks brand new after two years of lots of use. And you can't beat the price! Best of luck to you!!

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