Monday, February 11, 2013

Gender Reveal

Thanks for all of the congrats!  I know that everyone always says as long as the baby is healthy they don't care boy or girl.  I know that is truly how I felt.  I think going in without any expectations made finding out so much more fun. 
So here is how it all went down.
It is very rare that Eric's family is in Alabama so I knew we had to do something fun to tell the baby's sex. I didn't really want to do the blue balloon thing because my sister and sister in law did that last year and I didn't want to do the inside of the cupcake blue because we were going to my nephew's 1st birthday party that day.  I had seen the scratch off idea earlier in the year and stored it away in my brain. 
My friend Anna from Viv-Vah-Chey Designs made the adorable scratch off cards for us.

While I was waiting on the cards to be printed I made my scratch off stickers.  Mix 1 part dish soap with 2 parts craft paint and paint on clear contact paper.  Getting the right soap/paint  combo was sort of tricky.  Too much soap and the stickers were sticky, not enough and they were harder to scratch off.  I think I did 3 coats of the paint mixture.  I let that dry for a few days and used a circle punch to cut out the stickers.  If I did it again I would probably do 2 coats of the more soap and then a top coat of more paint to get the sticky off.  Make sense?
We invited Eric's family over to my parents' house on Saturday morning for donuts and a gender reveal. 
After Eric explained the directions everyone got started. 

Eric explained if you got a yellow rattle, you got peed on. Ha!  If you think that little boys get sad when they don't win, try grandmothers!

My Nana was the last person to finish her scratchoff and she just happened to be the winner so everyone had to sit in suspense.   Since there was only 1 card with 3 of the same color she got to yell out BOY!

Here is the lucky gal! 

She had guessed boy and brought Dutch his first blue blanket.  We got some other sweet gifts for the babe from the fam. 

not sure why that blanket looks pink, it is a beautiful ivory
Even though there was only one winner I think everyone had a good time.

*A fun story about why we had donuts that I don't want to forget.  The weekend we went home to tell my family we were having a baby was the weekend before Halloween.  I had made a pregnant skeleton shirt for Halloween and I was going to wear it and see how long it took for my family to notice.  Anyway I sort of chickened out and just came down for breakfast in my pjs.  My parents were really excited to tell us about a new business coming to their small town.  They said "guess what we are getting in October?" but they would never tell us and kept making us guess.  I said "well guess what we are getting in June?"  They thought we were talking about a restaurant or store and I said a BABY.  It took a while to register what I said and then it was all xoxo cry xoxo.  So isn't it fitting for us to tell we are having a boy with donuts from that shop?!


Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Awh what a cute story, love the gender reveal party with the scratch offs cool idea, something different.

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

The scratcher idea is adorable! Definitely different!

Kat said...

So fun! Love the donut story:)

Karen said...

I LOVE this cute way of telling the sex Vanessa! And yes what a sweet story about the donuts. So excited for you guys! (I'm gonna save this idea for my daughter!)

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